That’s What Friends Are For

You remember all that stuff about a family of nations?

Well, here is a reminder that the UK government tried to use their friends (including Russia apparently) in order to f*ck up members of the “family”.Friends and family.jpg

Furthermore, I actually have a copy of one of the propaganda pieces they sent abroad to be translated into broadcasts for various national broadcasters. It includes JK Trowling, Blair McDougall, Callum Munroe a Better Together staffer, Torquill Crichton (name misspelt) and speaks to no one at all from the Yes side. It also features No side rallies that we all don’t remember.

As soon as I get round to subtitling it I will publish it. It’s quite, how can I put this, invigorating.


Scottish Independence Podcast 157 – Anna Arqué on Catalonia

anna-cv.jpgThe 157th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast is the second time on the show for Anna Arqué. Anna has been a long-time campaigner for Catalan independence and also works for the International Commission of European Citizens.

I asked her about the preparations for the Independence Referendum they are about to have and also about the measures that the Spanish government is using to try and disrupt the process.

I also asked her how the people are reacting to some of these measures and what the outlook for the referendum is.

Hope you enjoy.

You can download here if you click THIS LINK .

You can listen online at the show’s spreaker webpage, or you can subscribe with itunes. We can also be found on youtube and on facebook.

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Journey To Yes – 18 – Chris Wilson

The excellent Phantom Power has been publishing the next second series of Journey To Yes.

He is one of the most important assets the yes side have in this debate.

You can watch all of them on this site or on youtube.

(He also had me in one of his films, along with the Wee Ginger Dug. and some time ago I had him on the podcast.)