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Scottish Independence Podcast 143 -Richard Walker on the Scottish Media & Independence


Episode 143 of the Scottish Independence Podcast is a talk given by Richard Walker (interviewed in episode 135)  at the recent Scottish Independence Convention.

Richard is now the consulting editor of The National, but was also involved in the formation of that paper and the decision made at the Sunday Herald to begin openly supporting Scottish independence.

In this talk Richard talks about the relationship between the Scottish Independence Movement and the Scottish mainstream media.

Hope you enjoy.

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Who’s On First (Minister)?

There seems to be a weird tendency at the moment to portay Ruth Davidson as if she actually were the First Minister.

day job.png

In case you missed that story, that was the leader of the 2nd largest party, which does not form part of a pro-independence majority in the parliament,”ORDERING” the First Minister, who leads a pro-independence majority, to forget about something that the parties most people voted for support.

It doesn’t stop with the Daily Express though. Other outlets seem to go with the same tone, that being that Davidson is somehow capable of ordering anyone to be doing anything.



FireShot Screen Capture #329 - 'Ruth Davidson since_2016-09-13 until_2016-09-15 - Twitter Search' - twitter_com_search_q=Ruth%20Davidson%20since%3A2016-09-13%20until%3A2016-09-15&src=typd.pngTherefore, I think it is important in the interests of clarity to lay out some of the rules…

    1. Ruth Davidson is currently not in a position where she is able to order the First Minister around.
    2. Her policy pronouncements do not need to be followed by anyone.
    3. The recommendations of any “teams”or “expert groups” that she puts together do not need to be followed.

The electorate said no to Davidson’s party at the last (and well, every) Scottish Parliament election. However, they will get another chance the next time around, that is called democracy.

In fact, that is very much like the referendum question. Scotland said no to independence in 2014, but things have changed, and we will get another chance.

angrytomkinsSo Adam Tomkins perhaps should realise that the electorate said No to having Ruth Davidson make any decisions or give any orders to anyone. But just like the Independence referendum, things will change for better or worse in the next few years and the Tories will get another chance.

Adam Tomkins was, of course, speaking (freely) in his capacity as an elected (not directly) member of the second largest party of the non-governing group in a democratically elected parliament in which no one party has an overall majority.


The Scottish Independence Podcast 134 – Dr Craig Dalzell on Scotland’s Currency Options

Gt1wRDr8.jpg largeFor the 134th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, I spoke with Dr Craig Dalzell.

Craig recently wrote a paper outlining the possible currency options for an independent Scotland. This is important work because an aspect of the Yes side that was much criticised during and after the 2014 referendum was the perceived lack of a strategy on what to do about currency. I say “perceived” because much of it came down to perception, not fact.

We talked about why the 2014 plan may or may not have been right at the time, but probably wouldn’t be the correct strategy for indyref 2.

Would the Euro work? Scottish Pound? A crypto-currency?

We also talked about what the hell a crypto-currency actually is.

And of course, I asked Craig why he supports Independence for Scotland.

Hope you enjoy.

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The Scottish Independence Podcast 109 – Dr Iain Black

For the 109th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Dr Iain Black of Heriot-University and also of Yes Edinburgh North & Leith. Iain has been conducting some research which you can take part in online either on Bella Caledonia or at Common Space.

As the page on Bella Caledonia says, the research is…

bfemcbmiaaarrxh1… an academic survey to capture who took part in the Yes campaign, what they did and why they took part. The results will be published widely and shared with the main Yes supporting groups to help them understand their volunteers and to understand who changed politics in Scotland.

Our conversation took in the academic work, his personal feelings on the matter of Scottish Independence and how he keeps the two things separate.

Oh and he passed up an open goal as well, but you’ll have to listen to find out what that was.

Hope you enjoy…

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