1. I’m moving up to Glasgow from Manchester with my family, i’d had no idea how much the Scots disliked people from England until i went to Scotland. Do you think this could become a breeding ground in the future for a new kind of terrorist. The minority English who feel they will be treated as second class citizens by the Scots majority? Or am i going over the top with my thoughts.

  2. Hey Michael. I just used your entire “sort it out” definitions guide on my elist.:
    (FreeScots@yahoogroups.com) complete, crediting you of course, and linking back to your blog here. We are a group of Diasporans ( 3 weeks out, or 3 centuries 🙂 and rScotland residents trying to: a) understand each other; and b) understand the real political options for residents and Scotland. We have arguing Unionistas on board..and one..a Scot with 40 years in London.. insisted: Scotland had never been a country..I found your site looking for rebutal material..thanks to Google. I am American, but of heavy Scot descent..and very active in international sorting of what is going on inside Scotland lately ( List has been up for seven years). Keep teaching and blogging..you are needed. Thanks for the efforts ~ Rex

  3. Michael, I’ve just noticed the dates of your answers to your contacts and just realized that your not answering yet to my yesterday’s letter doesn’t mean it was lost! Sorry for asking you some minutes ago if you received it. Keep doing your fantastic job and take as long as you need and and as you usually take/J.A.

  4. Dear Michael:

    Never did a blog before. Yeah, really. Just realized you probably don’t know what photo I’m talking about in my last blog to you. I need a good Himalayan mountain scene to go with one of my articles for my new website. Annapurna would be perfect. Lhotse, or any you might have that you know are sharp and clear for the web. I took many when I was in Nepal years ago but they are old and have not weathered well. Let me know please as I am redoing my site now. Thanks. Susan

  5. Dear Michael,
    somehow i found ur blog while searching on google something, and i found My Nepal book,on the side bar, did read all, but very nice information.

  6. Hey mate, how goes it? Read your murchochracy article with interest. That got me to thinking. It’s about time you came to Australia. Research trip?. Besitos. Kim

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  8. Hi Michael, – great websit, fantastic cause – and thanks for using my image on your pod cast ( ‘Kingdom inglorious’ – the Union Jack with red/blood draining off) it is copyright, but for your pod cast thumbnail, for Scotland, (!) I don’t mind it being used at all…. Hunted Fox

  9. Hi Michael,
    I’ve been listening to all your podcasts and I think you should be very proud of your contribution to the debate.
    Not sure if you’ve thought about it but it would be great if there was a playlist of all the songs you have played at the end of each episode…. It would be a great soundtrack for when we win !!!
    Best wishes and a huge thanks for all your hard work.
    Liam Sinclair

  10. Michael, manny, many thanks for all your excellent pod casts – an incredible contribution to the Yes campaign – please can you keep producing them post referendum?…perhaps with many of the guests you spoke to as well as new ones?

  11. Michael, I’m an Irish man in the north of Ireland, part of Ireland illegally partitioned by Westminster as the 1919 elections confirmed Ireland wanted to be its own nation state. And I have been following Scotland’s campaign for independence for some time. A few months before the referendum I stumbled across your podcast. I found it very informative and dignified. I think we could learn a lot in Ireland from the yes campaign. I’m just emailing you to say well done for keeping the faith, and thank you for continuing with the podcast. Which I will remain to follow in the hope that all Celtic nations will take their rightful place as equals amongst the nations of this world.

    Is mise
    Alan o Cléirigh

  12. Two questions.

    1) Several times you’ve stated that Holyrood does not exist in statute. Essentially, Westminster could dissolve Holyrood completely at their whim. Do you have a source for this?

    2) No new chapters of Toxic in over 2 months! Will there be more chapters released!?

  13. Sorry for the slow reply.

    I hope to be getting back to Toxic and podcasting in general very soon.

    For the Holyrood thing, it’s the British constitution that states that any act of parliament can be undone so the source is the British Constitution.

  14. Hi Michael,

    Am I missing something blindingly obvious about Alex Salmond, the SNP and Scottish politics? I genuinely don’t understand why the name of the former SNP leader and First Minister is all over the UK headlines at the moment (and I don’t just mean the pareidolia story about his face appearing in a cliff near Gardenstown).

    As far as I know, Alex Salmond stepped down as the leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland last November and Nicola Sturgeon assumed both roles. Also, as far as I know, she’s the party leader who is supposed to represent the SNP in the various proposed pre-election debates, including the seven-leader one which David Cameron has actually deigned to appear in.

    Yet Cameron just claimed that Ed Miliband wants to ‘crawl to power in Alex Salmond’s pocket.’ At first I thought it was just the Prime Minister (and whoever the Conservatives employed to photoshop a tiny Ed Miliband into the breast pocket of a massive Alex Salmond for an election poster). But then I noticed the huge number number of news headlines with Salmond’s name as shorthand for the SNP. The Scotsman, for example, has been running the headline that “David Cameron ‘wants TV debate with Alex Salmond'” and lots of other headlines in lots of other news reports (including ones by the BBC) seem to be speculating about whether a deal “with Alex Salmond” might either happen, or be ruled out.

    Why is everybody banging on about people doing deals with Alex Salmond in particular? I appreciate that lots of people, apart from the party leaders might possibly have input into inter-party negotiations, but I’d still expect people to be talking either about another party trying to make a deal with “the SNP” or, if you wanted to personify the party, with the party leader, i.e. Nicola Sturgeon.

    Does Alex Salmond have some special role within the SNP which would put him in charge of any cross-party negotiations in the event of a post-election arrangement with another party? Is there some sort of transitional leadership arrangement still going on that I’m unaware of? If not, why is Alex Salmond still routinely synonymous with the SNP, four months after he stepped down to make way for his successor? Just thought I’d put the question to somebody with some knowledge of Scottish politics, because this sassenach is currently baffled.


    Andrew King

  15. Or is the blindingly obvoius thing I’ve missed the fact that Alex Salmond plans to stand as an MP in the Westmnster parliament and, assuming he’s elected, will be the most senior SNP MP and, hence in charge of any cross-bench horse-trading in Westminster?

    I think I just answered my own question.

    To quote somebody or other, ‘D’oh!’

  16. During the referendum campaign the No side (which includes the UK and Scottish media) consistently tried to construct a hate-figure of Salmond. Most usually this manifested itself in representing the Yes argument as “Alex Salmond wants” or some such drivel. They tried to make it all about him when it clearly wasn’t, and had some success with this.

    Now that they have this demon figure constructed, they are trying to use it again in order to frighten people.

    Instead of openly debating the independence argument, it has been effective for them to say “it is all about this guy, and he is a *******” and that is exactly what they are doing again.

  17. So: Some people cant do podcasts – NO
    No racists
    No sexists
    No lunatics (this includes people who believe David Icke stuff)
    No Noel Edmonds
    I will not respond to unionist trolling unless I decide to show it up for what it is, good points may be addressed
    I am not a unioniist troll but an advocate of Free Speech a connsept lost in the mists of time. I would love to do a Podcast (usual rates0 BUT being most of the above Almost rules me out. I could act Straight and Normal for a time – if required.

    My charmingly hate filled website is http://daveallison.scot/

    Dave / Alison xxx

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