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  2. Playing for the Lost Bhoys 1 & 3

Nepal – Once Is Not Enough

I wrote a short book about my time in Nepal. There is another one coming about South Korea shortly.

The Nepal book is available on Lulu for the grand price of one pound.

You can buy it here.

It is something between a travel guide and some funny recollections of one of the most stunning places in the world.

I’d just like to point out that the Nepal Tourist Board subsequently ripped off MY title, not the other way about.

It should be useful useful for travellers in general, volunteers and people who like reading about far flung places.

Below I have placed a review written by blogger and writer Philip Challinor aka The Curmudgeon

Considerably More Than Seven Colours

Some years ago, the excellent Michael Greenwell spent some time working in Nepal. When he got back he wrote a sort of alphabetical Rougher Guide for future volunteers, with notes on the country’s customs, attractions, food, dung, landscapes, people, politics and pests – as might be expected, the World Bank seems recently to have displaced the leech from champion’s place in the last category. Michael has now put these notes together with some other reminiscences, including a risky bit of noise nuisance (Celtic were playing on the other side of the globe) and an unnerving interview with a young guerrilla fighter which culminated in the one question a truly professional journalist would never, ever have asked. The compilation is profusely illustrated with photographs ranging from the snappy to the sublime, and Michael is offering the whole forty-eight pages for download from his weblog. Even if you have no particular interest in Nepal, I would advise you to give it a look, because it makes very good reading indeed. The title of this post refers to the line I found the funniest, and were I Michael’s editor it would be a contender for title of the book.


Playing For The Lost Bhoys

Some articles I wrote on the subject of Celtic FC appear in a couple of books recounting various seasons.

The first one I am in is the first book which you can get here.

Playing For The LostBhoys

Playing For The LostBhoys 3

I then appear in the 3rd one which you can get here.


Some of the proceeds of these books go to charity.




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