itunes002In July 2012 I started recordings for The Scottish Independence Podcast which I felt would be a useful project due to the poorness of the debate surrounding the issue. In each episode I interview people (guests so far have included artists, party leaders, writers, journalists, musicians and more) about their reasons, personal or institutional, for supporting Scottish Independence and what they would like to see happen in an independent Scotland.

Shortly after that, as a result of a meeting with my colleague Andrew Tickell (aka Lallands Peat Worrier) we started the For A’ That podcast as a discussion show about the week’s events.

You might say that the Scottish Independence Podcast is more prescriptive, whilst For A’ That is more reactive, though the lines often tend to blur a little.

In August 2013 a third podcast was added to the channel. This was 60 Seconds For A New Scotland. In this podcast the listeners send in their ideas on what they would like to see come to pass after Independence. If you would like to contribute your thoughts, please go here to find out how.

Every episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast can be found here in order of most recent to oldest.

Every episode of For A’ That can be found here in order of most recent to oldest.

Every episode of 60 Seconds For A New Scotland can be found here in order of most recent to oldest.


Apart from the above, I have appeared on some other podcasts including…

An episode I wrote for 365 days of astronomy.

An Interview with Philip Challinor – who is a writer and blogger that I believe is worth you checking out.

I was invited on an episode of the Etims Podcast (a Celtic FC podcast).

I also contributed a small piece to the Celtic (FC) History Podcast Series.


  1. I would like to thank Michael Greenwell for putting the video of me on it has helped Loaves and Fishes charity tremendous I know this is a very late reply but it has taken me a while to find this as I’m not good with computers. you have proved to me there value with the amount of help we have received you have also helped in getting me a MBE my censer thanks as you have raised the profile of those in need Denis Curran.

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