60 Seconds For A New Scotland

423438_401034069911469_152795628068649_1780331_2011463999_nI’d like to do a podcast where our listeners and contributors all do a little bit.

It is sort of inspired by the BBC podcast “60 Seconds For A Better World”. However, given the BBC World Service nature of that program, that one often resolves itself into things like how much better the world would be if kids had using the right fork beaten into them at a young age.

What I’m after is a short piece, recorded on your iphone or whatever you have available. No time limits, just keep it short.

What I’d like you to tell everyone about is just one thing you think could/would/will be done better in an independent Scotland.

Big or small ideas are fine. Also serious or funny.

I’ll edit them and put them out as little mini-podcasts.

Please RT or put this idea on Facebook or whatever you can.

You can send me them through the email on the contact page on this site,  or get in touch with twitter.

Don’t worry about file types or anything like that, I can sort those out – just send me the thing.


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