Modern Britain, Ladies & Gentlemen

An old white man with heavy links to the establishment feels entitled to knock down a bill (or indeed BILLS) designed to reduce the unnecessary suffering of young women because he is riding a personal hobbyhorse. And this is supposed to be good governance.

It’s 2019, this isn’t good enough.


When pondering this story if you read it all (and you should), it’s very important to note that he didn’t bother to block laws proposed by his friends. This does make his story rather less credible.

The Spider’s Web – Britain’s Second Empire

“Over and over again, we have seen that there is a power in this Country, other than that which has its seat at Westminster. The City of London, a convenient term for a collection of financial interests is able to assert itself against the Government of the Country. Those who control money, are able to pursue a policy, at home, and abroad, contrary to that which is decided by the people.” – Clement Attlee

Here is an excellent documentary about the UK’s offshore tax havens.