I Think I May Have It! – Teaser

Back in September 2012 when the first episode came out, podcasts weren’t so big in Scotland, Scottish politics podcasts certainly weren’t, and anything in favour of Scottish independence was rarer than an honest Tory, so it wasn’t massively difficult to provide new and refreshing content, even if a lot of work had to go into it, and it was done on a budget of near zero.

However, in the intervening period, and particularly in the last few years, everyone and his dug has started a podcast this is one major reason why the show has been on hiatus for so long – I didn’t want to come back and just do the same thing.

Another factor is that in the last few years I’ve been very busy with a young child, lots of work and moving house and some other very important things in life.

For the last 6 months however, I’ve been looking to get back into it, waiting for the right idea to come along. I had a few bad ones that I rejected in the meantime, but now I think I’ve got it.

I hope to start back soon with a kind of interview based series on a very specific theme. Scottish politics people should be interested, pro-indy people should definitely be interested, but this time, we’ll be going quite worldwide with it too.

Watch this space, more specifics to come soon, and hopefully the first couple of episodes in the next few weeks.

For the record, I am still not a member of any political party, and have no intention of joining one. My intention is to help independence along any way I can. The fact that I seem to have got back into this at the same time as various announcements are being made (whether they come to something or not), is possibly just because given the fact that there has been a lot of chat, I sat down and had a think about it.

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