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Journey To Yes – 19 – Bryce

The excellent Journey To Yes series is back. Phantom power, as ever, does not disappoint…


Scottish Independence Podcast 159 – Colin Fox at the Edinburgh SNP Club

colin-fox.jpgThe 159th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast features a talk given at the Edinburgh SNP Club last night by Colin Fox of the SSP.

Colin always speaks well and this time was no different. As well as being his usual genial self however, he also spoke about some of the difficulties the independence movement is in and how we can get out of them.

Hope you enjoy.

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That’s What Friends Are For

You remember all that stuff about a family of nations?

Well, here is a reminder that the UK government tried to use their friends (including Russia apparently) in order to f*ck up members of the “family”.Friends and family.jpg

Furthermore, I actually have a copy of one of the propaganda pieces they sent abroad to be translated into broadcasts for various national broadcasters. It includes JK Trowling, Blair McDougall, Callum Munroe a Better Together staffer, Torquill Crichton (name misspelt) and speaks to no one at all from the Yes side. It also features No side rallies that we all don’t remember.

As soon as I get round to subtitling it I will publish it. It’s quite, how can I put this, invigorating.