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The Scottish Independence Podcast 132 – Danny McGregor

3mR77ny8For the 132nd episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, I got in touch with Danny McGregor.

Danny is a member of the Scottish Greens and is campaigning for Indyref 2. He also recently wrote an article for Bella Caledonia in which he talked about the various possibilities for the timing of the second independence referendum. There are those that think we have to seize the moment of uncertainty that exists now. Others suggest that we have to wait until the polls are steadily showing a large lead for yes.

These are difficult options to juggle, and they were the main focus of our discussion.

Also, if you remember episode 129 in which I interviewed lots of people at the March for Indy, I found some interviews that were accidentally not included in that special episode (they were in a different folder), and wanted to put them on one of the shows, so they are in this one. Those interviews include one Bob Duncan, who you may know from BBC Scotlandshire.

Hope you enjoy.

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Somone’s Got To Say It

I recently came across this old World War 1 recruitment poster that I had never seen before and, I assume like most of you, I could easily think of answers for the questions.

I have written them below the image…


  1. Probably more satisfied than I would have been sitting in a mudhole being shot at and having to shoot people who hadn’t done me any wrong.
  2. Not really, I wish they hadn’t worn it either.
  3. I hope it would have been something medical, or speaking against the grand lethal festival of futility that World War One actually was.
  4. “Son, the first World War was an utterly futile waste of time. Millions of young men were sent to die for no discernible reason other than internal squabbles between European aristocrats”.

Scottish Independence Podcast – One Day Fundraiser

In the next year I’d really like to step up the activity of the podcast.

Firstly, instead of the more sporadic publishing of episodes, I’d like to be able to make sure I get at least one a week out. This of course takes time away from other activities (work) and carries its own costs.

Also, aside from the usual running costs associated with all of this (hosting, skype credit, recording equipment, internet, travel if going to interview someone), one of the things I’d like to do is move to a better hosting plan in order to make it easier to share the finished products.

Other podcasts either include advertising during the shows or charge for older episodes in order to pay the bills. These are both things that I would like to avoid if possible.

If you are able and willing to help the Scottish Independence Podcast step up it’s activities, please use this link to donate, or use the large button on the right hand side of the page.



The Scottish Independence Podcast 131 – Sharon Dolan-Powers

For the 131st episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, I spoke with Sharon Dolan-Powers, who I suspect most of you will know by another namejpI97RIk, or indeed by one of her projects.

Sharon is not a native Scot, but came to the country and got involved in politics on the Yes side of the Indy debate.

We talked about those decisions and her reasons for them. We also discussed disability issues in the UK and Scotland as, due to family circumstances and her work, she has a good knowledge of the subject. Furthermore, as someone not from Scotland originally, she provides an interesting perspective on the Scottish cringe. Finally, and at the risk of giving away where she comes from, we had a wee natter about Trump.

It was good to learn something about the Isle of Seil too.

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Getting The Band Back Together

I was very happy to be interviewed and be half the subject matter (or a third if you count the dug) of the new short film by the excellent Phantom Power (his films are all here, and you can also hear him on the podcast here).

Hope you enjoy.

Blow For Sturgeon As NASA Post Beautiful Picture

There was outrage today as NASA posted a possibly doctored photo of Scotland from space.

Traditional journalistic wisdom would suggest that Scotland was too wee to appear that big and that beautiful.

Some were quick to complain that it showed a lack of balance in that three pictures of an enlarged England had not been posted first.

CqApv2bWYAQ5Ol5.jpg largeSeveral pro-union commentators were also quick to point out that this showed NASA’s well-known Scottish nationalist bias, and said that these scientists, who do amazing feats of scientific precision, needed to listen to some right-wingers with humanities degrees if they wanted to have any idea of what was going on.

The BBC said the dimensions of Scotland in the photo did not correspond with BBC guidelines, and that even if they had, they were unhappy about the whole thing anyway as it didn’t correspond with the Empire’s world view.

The Express said that they didn’t really know or care what was going on, but whatever it was, it was definitely a blow for Sturgeon.

Scottish labour were available for comment, but no one wanted to listen.