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Scotland Has A Choice

The latest from Phantom Power lays things out quite neatly…


Not To Be Forgotten

We are still in the middle of the umpteenth nauseating shitfit thrown by the Unionist media. They usually throw the toys out of the pram in this manner when somone mildy criticises them for the untrue and vicious invective they throw at the independence movement every day.

One of the actors in this particular chimpanzee-fling is Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton. He is complaining to OfCom about the treatment of a particular “journalist” and how it is all unfair to treat the media in this way.

From how he and others are talking you’d think it was the case that the independence movement, with much less coverage and much less funding, was drowning out a frothing and almost all pervasive unionist media.

If this is the case (and it isn’t), how does this all square with this little message left by the libdems, for journalists who came to their party conference a while back? Furthermore, what does this little lovenote say about the impartiality of the media on the Scottish independence issue?



Another New Entry To The Insult Trump Competition

In the Fire and Fury book (in which there is much to criticise) there is a quote from Gary Cohn (chief economic adviser to Trump)

“Trump is less a person than a collection of terrible traits.”

Partly, this is one is so bad as it comes from someone who is supposed to be on Trump’s side.

Anyway, in case you missed the previous frontrunners I am reposting them below. Which one do you find more apt?

Chomsky Trump




Not Just Scotland In Union

The CRC has no website, publishes no accounts and does not reveal the names of its donors.

With Scotland In Union looking like a busted crap hand, rather than a busted flush, it is important to remember that shadowy groups of rich union supporters have other groups and are likely just to move their money to those ones.

We already know about some of them, and we can expect others to crop up. As independence supporters we need to keep our eyes open for them.

Here is just one example, it is a group that has a nice, neutral sounding name. This is done in order to give the media licence to pretend that any material they produce is honest and impartial public interest research…

FireShot Screen Capture #371 - 'Secret Brexit funders to bankroll a Scots 'No' campaign (From HeraldScotland)' - www_heraldscotland_com_news_15118271_Secret_Brexit_funders_to_bankroll_a_

FireShot Screen Capture #001 - 'Business leaders _' - www_telegraph_co_uk_news_2017_03_05_business-leaders-ready-donate-six-figure-sums-save-uk-second

FireShot Screen Capture #372 - 'Secret Brexit funders to bankroll a Scots 'No' campaign (From HeraldScotland)' - www_heraldscotland_com_news_15118271_Secret_Brexit_funders_to_bankroll_a_

Scottish Independence Podcast 164 – Some of the Best

caileanAround this time of year on the Scottish Independence Podcast I usually try to put out something with some of the best bits of the year in a compilation. However, given the early birth of our son Cailean, I haven’t had time to scour through the stuff I have saved to put that exact show together again this year.

So instead, here is what I thought was the best of this year, along with two of the best of ANY year in the Scottish Independence movement. It’s not all happy-smiley, but it is all excellent.

Hope you enjoy.

You can download here if you click THIS LINK.

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