The Scottish Independence Podcast 126 – Who Were The Yes Campaigners? – with Dr Iain Black

engscotsWe all remember the people we met, campaigned, and often made friends with during the referendum campaign. However, were the people we met representative of the campaigners as a whole? Who were they all? If the Telegraph were to be believed then the whole campaign was just that one muscular guy in a kilt with his top off, as that seemed to be the only photo they used for the entire process.Was that really the case?

RDnlkRbfFor the 126th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, I spoke with Dr Iain Black of Heriot-Watt University, who has conducted research with almost 1000 people who campaigned in the referendum to find out not just who the people were (age, gender, class, ethnicity), but also what people did and why they did it.

Which groups enjoyed the campaign more? Who did people think were more effective – local groups or the official Yes campaign?

image_previewThe results of the study give some great insights into these questions and more.

Hope you enjoy it…

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Pro-Indy Parties In “‘Want You To Vote For Them’ Row”

Advanced silliness on the Scotsman site yesterday, with no named journalist.


A row has broken out in the pro-independence camp over a giant SNP billboard campaign urging voters to use both of their votes to protect Nicola Sturgeon’s majority at Holyrood.

But Greens elections convenor Sarah Beattie-Smith said: “Greens agree a better Scotland is possible but voters know to achieve this we’re going to need a bolder Holyrood. That’s why the momentum on the regional vote in this election is with the Greens.”

SNP campaign chief John Swinney said; “We are the only party with the strength, the unity and the vision to take Scotland forward.”

This piece is basically “we’re bored and have nothing, so let’s have an SNP bad swing and see if something sticks”.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the comments under the ‘article’, some people obviously do.

What it boils down to is that the SNP want you to vote for them, and the Greens would prefer you vote Green. This is apparently a row and presumably means that an independent Scotland would fail or something.

A Simple Solution

MarkTwainroyalquote2We’ve all been hearing about the great sacrifices that Her Bettiness has made and all the difficulties she has had in guiding the country through such diverse times.

I for one would like to take those things into account, so here is your simple solution…

Let’s retire the position. If we do that, then she wouldn’t have to feel like she’d been sacked (“it’s not you we’re getting rid of, just the job”). We’d also spare her family and descendants the difficulty that their positions are bound to cause them.

After that they could easily get back to maiming or killing variously sized animals whilst heading up wildlife charities. Prince Philip, or indeed just Philip, could try and offend people in his spare time instead of being obligated to do it. They could wear nazi costumes or do nazi salutes, or indeed be fans of nazis, without having to do it in public.

A simple, sensible solution.

Thomas Paine Royalty