Scottish Independence Podcast 158 – How Bad & Incompetent The UK Government Is

In the case of Brexit, I heard assurances throughout the course of the mission and yesterday at the human rights council from the government that Brexit would not lower protection from environmental threats. However, I also heard, or actually did not hear any clear assurances of how that would be the case. There have been statements from metoxic-waste-5mbers of government saying that existing laws will be maintained wherever practical and desirable, which I find very worrying.
– Baskut Tuncak, UN Rapporteur

The 158th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast features a talk given at the UN by Baskut Tuncak. The report was about the UK and the quote I put above is possible the least damning thing he said, not the most.

Human rights abuses, toxic waste, pollution, brexit, poisoning of children in the UK and abroad, agreements with dodgy overseas partners and more, this is a strong indicator of just how dysfunctional, intransigent and even nasty the British state can be.

Hope you enjoy.

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God, Thatcher, Junk Science & An End To Workers Rights

tel.pngAt the moment a lot of people are asking who Andrea Leadsom actually is.

Well, a few folks have been digging around her blog and some of her statements, and it’s possible to see something other than what the Telegraph chose to publish in this piece.

Let’s start with science…

Journalist Frank Swain tweeted a few things from her blog that seem to show she is more than shaky on science matters…


This prompted the following response…sdsdsdFurthermore, she might be one of the alternative “medicine” crowd…


She also seems to have once drawn a link between casual sex and the death of a baby…


Most alarming of all, if true, is this…


On social issues, she doesn’t seem to like the idea of gay people being able to adopt children, at least not before heterosexuals get the chance…


Finally, as Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop tweeted, she seems to be saying here that she wants to get rid of all workers’ rights for a large section of the population…