The Hounds Unleashed

Faced with the complexities of it all, and so many possible ways that it could play itself out, it is easy to forget one or two of the potential outcomes of the Brexit situation.

One of them hit me tonight.

Before we get to the big one though, here are some of the policies a group within the conservative party pushed for in 2013…

  • Control of Offshore Wind Turbines – Bill to restrict the height, number, location and subsidies of wind turbines situated offshore within 20 miles of the coast.
  • Legislation to abolish the Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • Benefit Entitlement (Restriction) – Bill to make provision to restrict the entitlement of non-UK Citizens from the European Union and the European Economic Area to taxpayer-funded benefits.
  • Privatise the BBC
  • Withdrawal from the European Convention of Human Rights
  • Wind Farm Subsidies (Abolition) – Bill to make provision for the cessation of subsidies for the development of wind farms.
  • Leave the EU

These suggestions were made by a group of 40 Tory MPs in 2013, and they had 40 of them in total. The pretendy-left magazine The New Statesman, described it as “beyond satire”, however,  I think you’ll have noticed that a number of them have already come to pass and plenty more are on the way.

camus-capital-punishmentSo they are having some success it would seem,  and if you read them all, you’ll see that there are more than those I listed above that are already here or on the way.

The one I am saving for last however, is one that, now that they are going to get their wish that the UK leaves the EU, will not have anything to block it.

10) Capital Punishment – Bill to allow for capital punishment for certain offences.

UKOK? Really?

God, Thatcher, Junk Science & An End To Workers Rights

tel.pngAt the moment a lot of people are asking who Andrea Leadsom actually is.

Well, a few folks have been digging around her blog and some of her statements, and it’s possible to see something other than what the Telegraph chose to publish in this piece.

Let’s start with science…

Journalist Frank Swain tweeted a few things from her blog that seem to show she is more than shaky on science matters…


This prompted the following response…sdsdsdFurthermore, she might be one of the alternative “medicine” crowd…


She also seems to have once drawn a link between casual sex and the death of a baby…


Most alarming of all, if true, is this…


On social issues, she doesn’t seem to like the idea of gay people being able to adopt children, at least not before heterosexuals get the chance…


Finally, as Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop tweeted, she seems to be saying here that she wants to get rid of all workers’ rights for a large section of the population…


The More Things Change…

Clr-RytVYAUr0fH.jpg large.jpg

So it’s going to be all change. A period of major turmoil is about to begin.

The pound has fallen dramatically, oil prices have gone up and markets are falling.

If this happens the way Farage, Gove etc want, “taking back control” and the “seismic change” people are talking about is going to involve stripping human and workers’ rights and lowering wages.

One important thing has not changed however.

That is that inside the UK, Scotland voted for one thing, England voted for another, and Scotland will have to suffer the consequences of what England voted for.

That hasn’t changed.

Finally, I can’t agree with calling Scotland being pulled out of EU against its will after being told they had to stay in the UK to stay in Europe “ironic”. It is only “ironic” if you consider being lied to and then kicked in the balls to be “ironic”.

Quick Out The (Anthem)Gate

Yesterday I put up a post suggesting that with regard to whatever happens with Corbyn, we could expect to see differing headlines in the same publications, depending what side of the border you are on.

Never slow to disappoint, the UK media have obliged already. These pics from Gary Dunion…can you guess which is which?

FireShot Screen Capture #164 - 'Gary Dunion on Twitter_ _The UK and Scottish front pages this morning are something of a contrast_ #godsavethequeengate http___t_co_swJcj4wxzs_' - twitter_com_garydunion_status_644045 FireShot Screen Capture #165 - 'Gary Dunion on Twitter_ _The UK and Scottish front pages this morning are something of a contrast_ #godsavethequeengate http___t_co_swJcj4wxzs_' - twitter_com_garydunion_status_644045

Of course it should be remembered that in the last few days we’ve had an outrageous Trade Union bill and the cutting of tax credits both helping to make the situation for workers in the U even worse. The whole Corbyn story makes me think of this…

A8k2uZwCcAAFvLW.jpg large

It’s Coming, Watch For It

Those of you who have been watching both the media and Scottish politics in the last few years will have noticed that particularly, but not only, in the run-up to the referendum, the titles that happen to have both Scottish and English versions tend to print quite different things on both sides of the border. They sometimes do it on the same day but at other times wait a couple of days depending on the situation. I present a few modest examples below…

expresses1 ByUIGsVCcAE4-UQ mailsThe idea occurs to me that before long the apocalyptic stories that we are seeing in the English editions about Corbyn may well be spun differently  as positive reasons for Scots to stay in the UK.

This may happen because the UK media at large (in both senses) still realise that Scottish votes don’t make much difference, but if the Jocks are to be pacified then they must at least have some hope of a decent left-wing alternative.

It’s coming, watch for it.

For the record, so far Corbyn has given the scene in England a massive shake-up and appointed an unelected Lord as Justice Secretary.