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  1. Why was he warning about Trump when Trump was warning about the same things re jobs going abroad to China etc and his policies were about bringing those jobs home. Trump also took over the PRIVATE Federal Reserve and was stopping the massive flooding of the US with immigrants that is going on in all of the western countries just now as part of the agenda to get rid of countries as part of the New World Order – One World Communist Government Dictatorship agenda. As ex-SNP who got thrown out of that party for exposing the corruption and backstabbing that was going on in the party way back in 2006 I have got to laugh at the people in that party and independence movement that do not want to know the reality of the world they live in – all the other parties are just the same – but that is what happens when people are in cults and cannot see the wood for the trees. The SNP are NOT for independence and are part of this here just like every other political party :

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