Sometimes It’s Too Blatant To Let It Go

FireShot Capture 108 - Prince Andrew_ USA demands Duke faces_ -

Last night the story came out that the US Department of Justice would rather like a wee word or two with Prince Andrew regarding his connections with Jeffrey Epstein. Well, they have wanted to have a little chat with him for a while, but they actually filed a ‘Mutual Legal Assistance’ request. This “moves Andrew into the realms of a criminal investigation”.

Someone posted it on twitter last night and I asked for a source. Apparently The Sun broke the story (I’m not linking to them here) and it was later covered by the Metro, Sky News and others.

So I kept looking at the BBC website. Nothing.

And again this morning, nothing.

This potentially enormous story. Nothing.

Then I looked at the BBC page that covers the daily headlines in the newspapers. That link is the one for 8th June. Even though they normally cover The Sun and occasionally The Metro, there is nothing from them on the page. They preferred to mention something about Bugs Bunny in the Daily Mail.

Later on, a BBC story about it did come online. If you decide to read it, you may want to note that it is more or less ENTIRELY from the point of view of Andrew and his lawyers.

FireShot Capture 106 - Prince Andrew 'offered to help Jeffre_ -

Why the initial silence? Then why would they have decided to publish an article on it from that angle?

Do you think the BBC would do that for everyone? Or is it more likely that the defence of the British State is interwoven into the fabric of the BBC?

Here is an interesting little clip in that regard, a different situation, definitely, but a similar theme…


  1. So we now have the British state protecting a man Who under American law had sex with a minor In other words a Paedophile wonderful This is Saville all over again Close rank protect the state Disgusting

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