New Podcast Feature

Regular listeners will know that on the podcasts I have always tried to put on a range of guests as broad as the independence movement.

bukiobwcyaakgqq-largeI say “tried” because often people can’t come on because of prior engagements or are too nervous about sitting down to do an interview of half an hour or an hour. Indeed, the list of who I have asked to come on, compared to those who have come on, is much broader still.

However, I would still like to open it up to more and more people.

Therefore, if you have something you’d like to get off your chest,something funny, something you have noticed that you think needs attention, a question you’d like addressed, even just a 10 second comment, or something longer, why not record it as an mp3 and send it to me? Then I can stick it in the show and address your point.

This was you can have your say and not the pressure of a full interview (and anyway, there isn’t any real pressure – I don’t bite).

The vast majority of smartphones have an app already installed for doing this so it is incredibly easy. Record it and send it to the email you see here.

Obviously, there will be some rules for this…

  1. No racists
  2. No sexists
  3. No lunatics (this includes people who believe David Icke stuff)
  4. No Noel Edmonds
  5. I will not respond to unionist trolling unless I decide to show it up for what it is, good points may be addressed

Someone will have to do it, so I will be the judge on whether the comments sent in obey the rules.

Go for it. Trust me, people will be happy to hear you.


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