That Didn’t Go Well

With this title, I could be talking about the various strategies the UK govt has so far employed (or not) to combat the virus, 12but in fact, I’m talking about Ben Fogle’s request for everyone to get out and sing Happy Birthday to the Queen on April 21st.

The comments started flying in fast and I’ll give you a selection of the better ones here.


Bella Caledonia came straight in with the direct approach.


As did Irvine Welsh.


Some took a more academic position.



Health service workers had other ideas.


Her Royal Bettyness got involved at a certain point.

FireShot Capture 081 - (1) Joe on Twitt_ - https___twitter.com_MrJoeGooch_status_1250749152532860933



Some wanted to point out the stress of being under lockdown.


Or the stress of staying with the family all the time.




After a good bit of this sort of thing, Ben was a little disappointed and said the suggestion had been made by his daughter. Loki didn’t seem to be convinced.


By now the whole heartwarming story was taking shape.


And then, sometimes, it helps if you restate the obvious.


Apparently Scottish and Welsh People Can Just Die

I could write a lot about this but frankly, I’d rather not. We are simply “lesser breeds” as a blogger I know puts it, and therefore to be thrown to the dogs if the going gets tough.

This is from BBC Scotland, not known for being supporters of independence, quite the opposite in fact. Whatever their (institutionally mandated) leanings, they are also not known for being conspiracy theorists…