The Scottish Independence Podcast 182 – The Clyde-Built Constitution

“A mendacious drunkard’s promise, made to convince his wife not to leave him”, yes you guessed it, The Vow.

However, the 182nd episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast is, thanks to Independence Live, a talk given by Mark McNaught with an intro by John Drummond (former convenor of the Independence convention).

It’s about the importance of making a draft consitution for Scotland BEFORE a second referendum. It also gets into the problems with the constitutional situation in the UK “Arguably the most incoherent and feudal political system on Earth”.

The project, which seems to be on hold at the moment, can be found at

Hope you enjoy.

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For A’ That 37 – Battles and Battleships

JlamFor the 37th For A’ That podcast, Andrew and I were joined by Natalie McGarry and Rev Stu Campbell from the Wings Over Scotland site.

The first topic up was the recent problems surrounding the allocation of contracts for shipbuilding in Glasgow and/or Portsmouth. Ian Davidson’s remarkable performances were discussed, as were the different narratives the story was run with depending whether you were north or south of the Tweed.

Second was the continuing travails of Johann Lamont. Where does she go from here? More to the point, where has she actually been going up to now?

The constitution of an Independent Scotland is obviously an important issue we’re going to have a look at. What should be in what should be out? What are the dangers of basing it too much on the politics of today? Why shouldn’t economic rights be in there? Finally, why are the dangers in holding certain other places up as examples.

The last topic was the poppy. Do the public necessarily go along with the examples being set by media and politicians alike? Are there dangers in the way remembrance services are currently portrayed?

Deep fried mars bars and Prince Philip also get a look in.

Hope you enjoy…

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It’s The Constitution, Darling

So Alistair Darling doesn’t like written constitutions…

“I’m innately suspicious of written constitutions. A written constitution without the resources to back it up is hot air.”

One wonders if he brought up his grave concerns on the matter here…


I’d have some sympathy with him there. These people showed blatant disregard for a written constitution as well, and they were the dear friends of the Government with which Darling was so heavily involved.

Did he bring it up here when he met these people…


That’s him with his chum Barroso by the way, and Merkel of course. I wonder if he warned them about the grave dangers he sees in the idea of a written constitution and sent them home with tails between legs to rip up the documents of their respective countries. Have they seen the light now and mended their ways?

G8+Financial+Ministers+Meeting+Begins+QaRof6IZtAwlDid he take his international mission to Asia? It would have been worth informing the Japanese not to have a constitution that forbids things like nuclear weaponry and torture. I suppose those kind of things would have just gotten in the way of the New Labour project.

Can’t be having governments that have to abide by the rule of law now, can we?