Apparently Scottish and Welsh People Can Just Die

I could write a lot about this but frankly, I’d rather not. We are simply “lesser breeds” as a blogger I know puts it, and therefore to be thrown to the dogs if the going gets tough.

This is from BBC Scotland, not known for being supporters of independence, quite the opposite in fact. Whatever their (institutionally mandated) leanings, they are also not known for being conspiracy theorists…


  1. I think it is disgusting what is happening in care homes in Scotland. My husband has alzheimer’s & is a resident in spynie care home Elgin moray
    He is only 60 years old. He still has some capacity & can have a conversation with you. I have been told if he contracts covid-19. He will only be given palliative care which I am so angry about. The manager of the home has said that they have been told by the government not to phone for an ambulance for residents. I think everyone deserves a chance to live after especially if they are strong enough to fight this virus. I think different views should be taken on care homes as not everyone is in their 70’s & over with underlying health conditions. The staff at the home have PPE & are not using them. I hope this this can be looked into as a matter of urgency as there are far too many people dying in care homes. Thank you.

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