Salmond Exposes Indyref Dirty Tricks

Have a wee watch and share it…



  1. I will repeat this until I’m blue in the face.
    Michael Moore – Stupid White Men – Page 5

    ” The people of America were kept in the dark deliberately.
    It took the courageous BBC to shed light on the dirty tricks”

    What or who caused the massive change.

    Will Black – Psychopathic Cultures and Toxic Empires

    Reveals the chilling truth

  2. When will the rest of the public waken up to this. It is ridiculous that in a democratic country the media is being allowed the bias it is.

  3. This is Typical of a Tory Government MP Sending lies and Rubbishy to the BBC and they Backing a Tory Dirty Tricks Party with there Lies and Propaganda Cost Scotland and its People a Fair Result just like the Broken Promises and The Vow that Never Became a Reality,,Cameron ,,Osborne ,,Duncan Smith and the rest Got the Media to lie With False Information And Made up Information by the Bank of England as well,,Westminster were as much to Blame under the Fear Program put on our Elderly People and with Darling And Brown and Lib Dems and Labour Sprouting Garbage WE DID NOT HAVE A FAIR REFERENDUM,,by a Group of two faced Lying Swine That Cost Scotland It’s Freedom From a Tory Dictatorship,,I Feel sorry for the English People as well who are Being Hammered By A Biast to the Rich Tory Party ,,And mark my Words it will get a Lot worse for You People …and Cameron won’t Stop till you all have Nothing..

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