Scotland’s Missing Histories – Episode 1 – James Connolly (with Jim Slaven)

Over the years I have had many conversations in which there has been the complaint that large chunks of Scottish history, both events and people, have been left out of our education.

james_connolly_swfI therefore thought that, in addition to our other shows,  it was about time that some of these stories and people should get some more publicity, and so here is the first in a new series of podcasts- Scotland’s Missing Histories.

For the first episode I am throwing you all right in at the deep end too, with the story of James Connolly, one of Scotland and Ireland’s most thoroughgoing revolutionaries.

Connolly, born in Edinburgh, was involved in worker’s and revolutionary movements in Scotland, Ireland and the USA and there are enough similarities that it is possible to begin drawing comparisons with Thomas Paine.

quote-don-t-be-practical-in-politics-to-be-practical-in-that-sense-means-that-you-have-schooled-james-connolly-110-30-95I asked Jim Slaven of the James Connolly Society to take us through the story of his life, and give his opinion on why the life and writings of James Connolly are still relevant today.

Hope you enjoy…

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