What’s Dangerous?

A truly terrifying video from Deadspin…


ScotIndyPod 141 – The New Old Year

The Scottish Independence Podcast is checking back in for 2017 and episode 141 is our way of starting it off by giving some time to our opponents (explicit content).express-cover-montage.

Hope you enjoy…

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Who’s On First (Minister)?

There seems to be a weird tendency at the moment to portay Ruth Davidson as if she actually were the First Minister.

day job.png

In case you missed that story, that was the leader of the 2nd largest party, which does not form part of a pro-independence majority in the parliament,”ORDERING” the First Minister, who leads a pro-independence majority, to forget about something that the parties most people voted for support.

It doesn’t stop with the Daily Express though. Other outlets seem to go with the same tone, that being that Davidson is somehow capable of ordering anyone to be doing anything.



FireShot Screen Capture #329 - 'Ruth Davidson since_2016-09-13 until_2016-09-15 - Twitter Search' - twitter_com_search_q=Ruth%20Davidson%20since%3A2016-09-13%20until%3A2016-09-15&src=typd.pngTherefore, I think it is important in the interests of clarity to lay out some of the rules…

    1. Ruth Davidson is currently not in a position where she is able to order the First Minister around.
    2. Her policy pronouncements do not need to be followed by anyone.
    3. The recommendations of any “teams”or “expert groups” that she puts together do not need to be followed.

The electorate said no to Davidson’s party at the last (and well, every) Scottish Parliament election. However, they will get another chance the next time around, that is called democracy.

In fact, that is very much like the referendum question. Scotland said no to independence in 2014, but things have changed, and we will get another chance.

angrytomkinsSo Adam Tomkins perhaps should realise that the electorate said No to having Ruth Davidson make any decisions or give any orders to anyone. But just like the Independence referendum, things will change for better or worse in the next few years and the Tories will get another chance.

Adam Tomkins was, of course, speaking (freely) in his capacity as an elected (not directly) member of the second largest party of the non-governing group in a democratically elected parliament in which no one party has an overall majority.


The Scottish Independence Podcast 135 – Richard Walker of The National

ogsit1adFor the 135th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, I spoke with Richard Walker.

Richard is now the consulting editor of The National, but was also involved in the formation of that paper and the decision made at the Sunday Herald to begin openly supporting Scottish independence.

We talked about those decisions and why they were made,and how The National has been getting on.

As well as that, we tried to get our heads around some of the unusual media appointments that have been made recently, and what could or should be done about the media in Scotland more generally.

4876083b471ff8eb10ab244e3a237015-1136946557And of course, I asked Richard why he supports Independence for Scotland.

Hope you enjoy.

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Getting The Band Back Together

I was very happy to be interviewed and be half the subject matter (or a third if you count the dug) of the new short film by the excellent Phantom Power (his films are all here, and you can also hear him on the podcast here).

Hope you enjoy.

The Scottish Independence Podcast 130 – Inside The Common Space

FireShot Screen Capture #300 - 'Media Tweets by CommonSpace (@TheCommonSpace) I Twitter' - twitter_com_TheCommonSpace_media.pngFor the 130th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, I went along to the Glasgow office of the Common Space.

I tried to find out how the project got started, who works there, how they work and their plans for the future.

I spoke with Angela Haggerty, Ben Wray, Aidan McCrae, Stuart Rodger, Alice Muir, Maxine Blaine (who definitely isn’t Robin McAlpine) and Tiffany Kane.

CpKaZR7WIAAKIRoListening to these conversations, I think you’ll get a feel for who is working there and their motivations. Those motivations and ambitions are journalistic, political, economic, technological and others.

And what have ostriches got to do with anything?

Hope you enjoy.

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