This Is Not Happening

CfmKX1EW4AA7XyD.jpg largeSo far no mention of this so far on the BBC, I am convinced they will mention it in passing soon enough though.

I am also sure when they do eventually bother to mention it they will go with the official police estimate that there were only 3 people there.

I can see quite a few more than that. You can see them too in the photos below…




No, the BBC (so far) is still continuing with another take on the story.

David Cameron (who misses his Dad), could have handled the breaking of the story better, and that is all folks.


Oh and as a last point, as I pointed out in the previous post, it might be better if we just ignore the Cameron story and focus on the fact that North Korea is bad.



  1. On the lunchtime bulletin on BBC1, Carole Walker mentioned that a protest was taking place, but the camera kept her squarely in shot against the backs of police officers. The sounds of protest could be heard, but I was muted so that Ms Walker could be heard. However, that was it. As you say, there is almost nothing on the site.
    I am unsure how this will play out. I am pretty sure the media are trying to close it down or at least shape it to their advantage. The ‘Foreign dictators’ line will continue, but I get the feeling that the antiEU sections of the media will keep the focus on the PM specifically, in the hope of weakening him. In any case, it does not really matter who is the Conservative leader. The Financial interests will install one who will do their bidding. The LibDems are falling into line judging by Mr Farron’s mealy mouthed statement. The Blairites – the bulk of the Labour Party are keeping shtumm – not a squeak from the other leadership contenders, Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham or Liz Kendall. Indeed, since Ms Cooper’s co-mortgagee was Gordon Brown’s right hand man in ‘light touch’ regulation and city friendly positioning, it is not surprising. So, as far as Westminster is concerned, it will be the Corbyn loyalists, SNP, PC, Greens and a few Northern Irish MPs. There are some decent Tories, but, on the whole, the PM will win any vote of no confidence.
    Nevertheless, I am not pessimistic.

    1. There is now a piece of film about the demonstration on the BBC site. Although the opening shots are of chanting and Socialist Workers Party placards – to raise the indignation of the ‘silent majority’ – the people interviewed are all articulate and measured in their responses. They are polite and personable and are allowed to make their statements.

      1. Hi to both of you.

        Did say I was sure they would mention it eventually.

        Still also sure they will try to focus on other aspects of the panana papers as much as they think they can get away with.

  2. I think their desired reaction would be to do as you suggest, but, at the moment, “events”, as Harold MacMillan called them, are still occurring as more of the details in the papers are explored and published. So, they have to go with the flow. They will, of course, “keep their eyes on the prize” and seek opportunities for diversion. For example, the papers are going heavily on the MOU between the Scottish Government and two Chinese companies. Ms Dugdale and Ms Davidson have revealed their tax returns ‘to smoke Sturgeon out’. And, we will get big licks on Rangers return to the top division and their forthcoming match with Celtic, as we heard in Louise White’s bombastic phone-in last week.
    The media are not addressing YES voters. They are seeking to bolster the prejudices of their own supporters and stem any leakage to SNP, Greens, or even UKIP and RISE.
    They are assiduously asserting the tax avoidance of ISAs – which makes my wife and me hypocrites, doesn’t it? There was an oddly ambivalent paragraph in Mr Iain McWhirter’s Sunday Herald article about us all being complicit in tax avoidance by the public ownership of RBS. I suspect he was using it to point up the ridiculousness of PAYE earners’ tax avoidance and the industrial scale of the clients of Mossack Fonseca and other similar companies.
    We are reliant on bloggers like yourself, Wikileaks, Phillip Snowden, etc. for keeping things flowing into the public domain.

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