Media Studies Friday 12 – Look There, Look There, Don’t Look Here!

CfgLuhIWsAAuhSoAfter the announcement of the leak, but before Cameron owned up to some dealings in the Panama Papers scandal, the BBC rushed out a little documentary on it.

It seems to have been put together very quickly. You might almost think that some of it was already prepared before the scandal broke.

In any case, the interesting thing about it is that, having examined some of the papers, the BBC seem to conclude the following…

  1. North Korea is very very bad
  2. Syria is very very bad
  3. Mubarak’s son was very very bad
  4. The British Government may or may not be slightly bad, but they couldn’t confirm it either way for us. But if they were bad, it was only because they dealt with the very very bad people mentioned above
  5. Banks and companies have the ability to be bad, but they have their own ethical policies, so we’re probably alright

I thought it a slightly unusual take on the story. Give it a listen and see what you think.

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