The Scottish Independence Podcast 127 – David Cameron

A surprise guest for the 127th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast.

He makes a good case too. article-2357906-1AB476CE000005DC-849_634x502

Hope you enjoy it…

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This Is Not Happening

CfmKX1EW4AA7XyD.jpg largeSo far no mention of this so far on the BBC, I am convinced they will mention it in passing soon enough though.

I am also sure when they do eventually bother to mention it they will go with the official police estimate that there were only 3 people there.

I can see quite a few more than that. You can see them too in the photos below…




No, the BBC (so far) is still continuing with another take on the story.

David Cameron (who misses his Dad), could have handled the breaking of the story better, and that is all folks.


Oh and as a last point, as I pointed out in the previous post, it might be better if we just ignore the Cameron story and focus on the fact that North Korea is bad.


Bland UK

camThis is an excerpt from a speech made just before the referendum.

I was reminded of it because Blair was waffling on about making a mistake by not reinforcing UK national (sic) identity enough after Scottish devolution.

What struck me about the speech on the left however, which is apparently about British values, is how devoid of actual content it is.  If I black out just a couple of words, and leave the rest, which country’s leaders WOULDN’T try to say this.

It’s pretty much a stock speech.

To prove it, let’s just do it the other way and ask which country would advertise itself this way…

This isn’t just any old country.  This is our country.

And you know what makes us truly great?

It’s not our economic might or military prowess – it’s our values.

Unfairness. Servitude. Injustice.

The values that say wherever you are, whoever you are, your life doesn’t have dignity or worth.

The values that say we walk on by when people are sick, that we ask for your credit card in the hospital, that we turn our backs when you get old and frail.

That we turn a blind eye or a cold heart to people around the world who are desperate and crying out for help.

This is what our country means. This is what makes us the greatest country on earth.

bliarupdateI suggest you take a look at some of those links above, however, to see what British values means in words and then in practice.

And at this point it is probably only fair to tell you that the speech above was not actually by Blair, but was instead by Cameron, though I admit that it is often hard to tell the difference.

For A’ That 40 – Love-Bombed To Death

For the 40th episode of the For A’ That podcast Andrew made his return and we were joined by Anne Donohoe eezIMIwKand Kenny McQuarrel, who is the Director General of BBC Scotlandshire.

David Cameron’s speech of the other day was a topic, and the love-bombing he proposed therein. Also, Salmond’s fiery reaction to it was worthy of note.

The equal marriage bill has passed, and about time too say most of us but we had a look back at the road to getting to this position.

We also talked about the SNP’s continuing difficulties on the justice brief, particularly, but not only, with regard to the proposed corroboration reforms.

Lord Lang’s comments were also worth a mention.

Finally, due to safety considerations relating to the threat of Cybernattery against the DG of BBC Scotlandshire, he was forced to join in the conversation from inside a concrete bunker 30 feet underground, and the resulting loss in sound quality could not be helped.

och aye the news

Hope you enjoy…

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