Not In The Club

So today we have seen Danny Alexander receive a knighthood and former revolutionary socialist Alasdair Darling become a Lord.

Well that is what you get if you serve the British state, which is not synonymous with serving British people, even though they would dearly love you to believe that.

So today I’d just like to mention someone who reacted to the offer of an honour in a different way…

Ken Loach Quotes OBE


  1. Good for Ken and good for you, nice bit of bitter and self righteous pontification. I would rather focus on the good people that have been recognised for their longtime hard work by the honours system and their pride at getting such awards

    1. Not so easy when the “good people” are so massively outnumbered by the sycophants and self-servers; and there are plenty of people who have been engaged in longtime hard work who will never be recognised by this system because, for whatever reason, they don’t “fit”.

  2. Also Gordon Brown has entered the Financial elite too….. If you are going to settle with and coopt yourself to the present greedy/rotten economic system at least do it for £ms or £bns…. Such tawdry little baubles will never ease the shame/guilt of selling out! But these individuals take it as a right, justly deserved, for all that they have done to protect the status quo. Bet they never mentioned any of this in their first selection speeches, before they got their arses on the green benches!!!!

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