Scottish Independence Convention Press Release

The Scottish Independence Convention is delighted at the announcement of a date for the referendum on Scottish independence and will be campaigning for a Yes vote over the next two and a half years.
The announcement has been covered in the media as a personal battle between Alex Salmond and David Cameron, or between the SNP and the other parties. The reality is there are many Labour supporters who also back independence and there is a large section of people who are NOT members of the SNP who also support independence. This is beyond a party political issue.
The convention launched in 2005 is supported by all of the pro-independence parties including the Scottish Green Party, the Scottish Socialist Party, Solidarity and the SNP.
It’s open to people who are not members of political parties but want to be part of the wider movement for self-determination.
Elaine C Smith, the Convention’s chair said: “We’re delighted that the people of Scotland will be given the opportunity to have their say and confident that we’ll join the other sovereign nations in running their own affairs. The future of Scotland is now in the hands of the people.”

Kevin Williamson, the Co-Chair added: “This will be the biggest political decision of all our lives. We’ve got two and a half years to calmly and patiently put forward the case for a modern, prosperous and inclusive 21st C democracy. A non-party civic campaign for a Yes vote will be absolutely essential and the SIC will play its part in helping organise this.”


The SIC will be launching their new website soon and announcing people to take part in a series of cultural events and discussions exploring what the new Scotland can achieve and what challenges we face in the coming years.
Editors Notes:
For quotes and interviews contact:
Isobel Lindsay 07920 1328920
topics: general, defence in particular
Mike Small 0791 288 1314
topics: general, media, ecology, participation
Kevin Williamson 07966 547 104
topics: general

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