Inspired once again by the Curmudgeon because of the nice things he wrote about my interviewing style in his review of my nepal book, I have decided to ask a few people whose work I respect and enjoy if they wouldn’t mind answering a few [between 10 an 15] questions.

Consequently a couple of writer/journalists, one comedian and one musician have consented to answer already and I will start posting the interviews soon.

The questions will be an odd mix as for the most part I will try to ask questions that wouldn’t normally be asked. Some of them will be serious, others not so.

I will give my readers here a couple of the questions I asked in advance so that you know what you are in for. Like I said – some serious, some silly….

Q. Orwell, Huxley, Monbiot, Ursula Le Guin and many others have written or talked about the anarchist dilemma. In short the problem they all described in various ways is that a truly anarchist community that was peaceful and self-contained is always vulnerable to outside attack by more aggressive neighbours. Can you see any way around this?

Or if you prefer…

Q. Looking from outside if often seems like the USA is a loony bin. Is it?

and finally…

Q. I know you like his music but can you tell me where the f*ck Bono gets off?

The first one will be on here tonight or perhaps tomorrow morning.

As far as ‘professional’ interviewing goes here are the limits of it…



  1. If I can just give brief answers at the moment.

    1) No

    2) Yes

    3) Usually the White House but what makes you think he uses public transport?

    PS I notice that where you state “I know you like his music” you’ve omitted the suffix “before Rattle and Hum”.

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