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Regular readers or listeners to the podcasts will know that I am by no means a fan of the political output of the BBC.

At least they haven’t gone this far yet though.

However, stay with the Union and BBC or not,  you’ll probably be forced to go along with the decisions that people like this put on the table in American politics, and the BBC will find a more cerebral, but equally wrong, justification for the madness.

But if you haven’t seen this yet, on a more simple note, wow, just wow…





Open Goals for a Media Studies Class – 2

usbasesimperialmapThe first of these open goals was a good while back, but I stick them on here when they present themselves.

This time we’re on the BBC, and specifically the show Hardtalk.

Actor Viggo Mortensen in this episode refers to the American EMPIRE, and is quickly corrected by the presenter with “hegemony”.

In an episode published shortly after, the SAME presenter that didn’t like the word ’empire’ being applied to the USE, engages freely in a discussion with the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet about the “Russian Empire”.

Now why might that be?


The Very First Thing

CamusCapitalPunishmentThe very first thing that perked my political interest, back when I was very young indeed, although I couldn’t tell you exactly when, was capital punishment.

I think I was so young that I had to have it explained to me, and after it had been explained to me, I needed an explanation as to how people could do that to one another, and I still haven’t had a satisfactory answer to that one.

From that day in my childhood until the present I have seen the whole horrible institution of it as an abomination.

I’m mentioning all this for a reason though. The most recent episode of Hardtalk is with a man called Allen Ault who was in charge of the “corrections system” in Georgia, USA. He was responsible for several executions and his experiences have now made him a firm opponent of the death penalty.

It’s very emotional stuff.

Follow THIS LINK to download as a podcast or watch the video below. It’s the episode for Friday 14th February.

The Scottish Independence Podcast 35 – Humanitarian Intervention

CLEAR~10One of the major reasons the UK state does not want Scotland to leave, though it is not often spelled out in this way, is that the UK’s ability to project its power worldwide would diminish.

There are so many assumptions wrapped up in this idea that it is sometimes hard to know where to begin unpicking them.

In what way is this power projected, and to what end?

Why is it automatically considered by many, and usually by the media, that the UK is using this power for good?

Those are good questions. However, the discussion is usually limited to ideas surrounding “Humanitarian Intervention”, and whether it is the right thing to do this time around.

Recent examples of UK “Humanitarian Intervention” would be Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and many others.

FireShot Screen Capture #280 - 'Michael Greenwell (mgreenwell) on Twitter' - twitter_com_mgreenwellThe podcast you are about to listen to is a speech by Noam Chomsky from earlier this month in which he takes apart this doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention.

Though he speaks principally about the United States, what he says on the topic holds good for the UK which, for the most part, desperately tries to hang on to the coat tails of the US.

Are these the kind of interventions worth defending?

Have a listen…

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Where Have You F*cking Been?

317The United States government today issued an unusually bellicose response to the latest spying scandal.

President Obama, otherwise known as The Pope Of Hope, took to the stage with an unusually angry demeanour and proceeded to berate both the journalists in the room and the wider world.

“Where have you all f*cking been for 60 odd years?” his speech began.

He continued…

There are three main pillars of control in this world, military, economic and cultural. We’ve had firm control of them all since the end of World War 2, and that became even stronger after the collapse of the Soviet Union. I mean, dammit, how the blistering f*ck could you all have failed to notice this?

Let me spell it out for you. We control the IMF and the World Bank so we control finance. The dollar is the world’s currency – every transaction in dollars that happens, we get some. Iraq had an idea about switching and look what happened to them.

Militarily, we spend more money on weapons than the rest of the world combined more or less, and we have been almost continually at war somewhere in the world since the end of World War 2.

Culturally speaking, people all around the world watch American programmes, listen to American music, eat American food and wear American clothes. It doesn’t matter if they are any good or not, we use you guys (here Obama addressed the journalists in the room) to tell people what to like.”

Obama’s conclusion did not show contrition…

So this is where we have stood for years, and now you’re getting stroppy about people reading a couple of f*cking emails? I want to make this clear to other leaders, we’ll get you out of office in one way or another if we don’t like what you’re up to.

Yes We Can.

Journalists present seemed aghast at the speech and one explained why…

“The fact that he has boldly come out and stated these things is going to make it much harder for us to ignore it all in the future without making fools of ourselves.”

“These really are tough times for the journalistic profession.”

When asked if it didn’t mean that more than just the journalistic profession, it meant tough times for the world in general, the journalist replied…

“I wouldn’t know about that.”