Toxic Waste

Scottish Independence Podcast 158 – How Bad & Incompetent The UK Government Is

In the case of Brexit, I heard assurances throughout the course of the mission and yesterday at the human rights council from the government that Brexit would not lower protection from environmental threats. However, I also heard, or actually did not hear any clear assurances of how that would be the case. There have been statements from metoxic-waste-5mbers of government saying that existing laws will be maintained wherever practical and desirable, which I find very worrying.
– Baskut Tuncak, UN Rapporteur

The 158th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast features a talk given at the UN by Baskut Tuncak. The report was about the UK and the quote I put above is possible the least damning thing he said, not the most.

Human rights abuses, toxic waste, pollution, brexit, poisoning of children in the UK and abroad, agreements with dodgy overseas partners and more, this is a strong indicator of just how dysfunctional, intransigent and even nasty the British state can be.

Hope you enjoy.

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