things that there isn’t a word for

The Scottish Independence Podcast Episode 7 – James Maxwell

In episode 7 I speak with James Maxwell, with whom I also spoke with briefly in episode 4, who is a Scottish political journalist whose work occasionally appears in the New Statesman and on Bella Caledonia.

We spoke about his father Stephen Maxwell’s book, some of the strategic issues surrounding the referendum and much more.

Apologies for the occasional echo. The problems that led to that have been fixed (by moving to another room and changing the settings a bit!).

Hope you enjoy.

This is the download link (right click and save as).

You can listen online here.

Things That There Isn’t a Word for – One

Time for another sporadic little series.

The first in this series of things that there isn’t a word for is a relatively modern concept.

It is the strange looking away thing that everyone does to be polite when someone else is entering a password into a computer or a PIN into an ATM.