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The Scottish Independence Podcast 181 – The Declaration of Arbroath

Obviously you weren’t expecting there would be any UK wide celebrations of The Declaration of Arbroath, were you? Declaration_of_arbroathHowever, the indy movement has stepped up and we’ve had the documentary by Lesley Riddoch and Charlie Stuart, and there will be an illustrated version too.

For my own part, I decided just to read the whole thing, not the few quotes we usually hear, and make it available as audio, so here it is. Obviously I read the translation from the National Library of Scotland, not the original Latin.

Doing it, it was easy to see how it is in part a plea, partly a statement of intent, in one part an offer, and in another part a threat.

A truly interesting document. A pity that no one in British broadcasting seems to think so (I know there are other things going on right now, however if they had had any intention of doing anything it would have been planned and done before the coronavirus outbreak).

As a sidenote, the wikipedia entry seems a bit suspiscious. If you are a wikipedia editor, I believe you could add a good number of “citation needed” points.

Hope you enjoy.

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