Scottish Media Reaches A New Level of Absurdity

If you had asked me before today what the most absurd thing I had seen in the Scottish media was, I would have shown you the piece below. Not a political piece, although it mentions politics, just thoroughly ridiculous…


However, I think the Sunday Mail has just topped its sister paper the record, or at the least equalled.

There are quotation marks so we are to believe that this is a direct quote from one of the Krankies.

The more interesting idea though, is that the Sunday Mail seems to believe that The Krankies are, or should be, enough to influence the opinion of their readers.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-09 at 11.43.44

Getting The Band Back Together

I was very happy to be interviewed and be half the subject matter (or a third if you count the dug) of the new short film by the excellent Phantom Power (his films are all here, and you can also hear him on the podcast here).

Hope you enjoy.

The Scottish Independence Podcast 120 – Jack Foster on NewsShaft and the Media

LOGOTOPbw.pngFor the 120th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I invited Jack Foster, one of the filmmakers behind the documentary Scotland Yet, and in more recent times one of the organisers of NewsShaft to come on and talk about the beginning and unfortunate demise of the NewsShaft project.

We also discussed some of the things that go into producing alternative media that sometimes go unseen. Another topic we got into is the current state of both mainstream and alternative media in Scotland.

4200_bcbdShould the various alternative media sources in Scotland help each other more, or is it just a nice sounding idea that can’t really go anywhere? And what to make of some of the more hysterical stories that are showing up at the moment? There is all that and more…

Hope you enjoy…

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