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The Scottish Independence Podcast 134 – Dr Craig Dalzell on Scotland’s Currency Options

Gt1wRDr8.jpg largeFor the 134th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, I spoke with Dr Craig Dalzell.

Craig recently wrote a paper outlining the possible currency options for an independent Scotland. This is important work because an aspect of the Yes side that was much criticised during and after the 2014 referendum was the perceived lack of a strategy on what to do about currency. I say “perceived” because much of it came down to perception, not fact.

We talked about why the 2014 plan may or may not have been right at the time, but probably wouldn’t be the correct strategy for indyref 2.

Would the Euro work? Scottish Pound? A crypto-currency?

We also talked about what the hell a crypto-currency actually is.

And of course, I asked Craig why he supports Independence for Scotland.

Hope you enjoy.

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