Ruth Davidson

Banal Retentive – 2 – Ruth Davidson

696274491The Banal Retentive series gives quotes from those giving the most spurious reasons against Scottish Independence and in favour of retaining the union.

The purpose of this series is to show that although this debate is a highly serious matter and in some places there is real debate going on, some politicians and opinion leaders, going by these quotes, either don’t think on a very deep level or don’t think serious arguments are needed to convince you.

This time it is Ruth Davidson. Her comments, apart from being demonstrably false, show that she thinks this level of discourse is all that is required to convince you to vote no.

So what did she say?

Ms Davidson was quoted in today’s Scottish Sun, saying: “The SNP simply cannot guarantee that we’d still get Dr Who after independence.”

So there you have it, a false assertion that a once moderately decent but now declining TV show won’t be available to Scots, should apparently be enough to ward off this independence malarkey for some of you.

This article is about the shallowness of it, the image below by Stewart Bremner addresses the veracity of it.

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For A’ That 13 – Down The Aisles

fuck-yeah-protest-tumblr_kyiiwzck4e1qajmybo1_400We are back after a little unexpected break and this time Andrew and I were joined by Duncan Hothersall.

Our agenda included the recent equal marriage vote in Westminster and also how this issue has  played out at Holyrood.

This led us to the idea of conscience votes as a concept and what our representatives are actually supposed to do, and it also moved the discussion toward the idea of how religion can still influence policy.

Finally, there was neigh way we could resist having a word about horse meat (see what I did there?).

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You Won’t See A Union Jack Here Again

I have just spent a rather unpleasant 7 minutes listen to Ruth Davidson using highly inaccurate figures and talking about a fair and equitable society.

Therefore, in an unusual tactic for me, I have decided to stick a Union Jack on this site for the first time to show her how fair and equitable those unbridled capitalist policies that her party supports have been to the public of the United Kingdom that she would like to keep together…