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Scottish Independence Podcast 150 – Pat Kane

6a00d83452241169e201b8d14e744f970cIt’s the 150th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast and the 250th podcast I have put together that is about Scottish Independence in some way, so it’s a double sort of anniversary. I hope you’ve been enjoying them.

This time we are back to the interviews and in this universal moment of “what the hell is going on?” I spoke to Pat Kane, who I’m sure doesn’t need any introduction other than to say he isn’t the ice-hockey player that comes up if you search Pat Kane on google (if you found the podcast when you were searching for that Pat Kane…I once went to a Fife Flyers match).

We spoke about the the events of this week regarding the new independence referendum, how we are going to need to campaign, what new allies might come along to the party, what is likely to be against us and how we can fight it.

Hope you enjoy.

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The Scottish Independence Podcast 117 – 2015 In Review

For the 117th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I invited Pat Kane, Kathleen Caskie of Women For Indy and journalist James Maxwell to come on and have a chat about some of the major events of 2015.

Bj9r_nPIYAAUZrdWe managed to get through a fair few, including the difficult year experienced by the Labour party in Scotland and the UK, the House of Lords, the continuing rise of the SNP, the “delivery” of the vow, Corbyn, Sturgeon, Indyref 2 and much more.

We also included a look at some newcomers on the scene, specifically the RISE coalition, The Ferret, The National and Common Space. And as we unfortunately lost two major figures on the Scottish scene in 2015, William McIlvanney and Ian Bell, we also discussed what sort of a hole will be left by their absence.

To finish up on a lighter note we had a holiday season quiz, True or Foulkes.

Hope you enjoy…

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For A’ That 34 – Fussing & Fighting

Andrew and I were joined by two guests for the 34th episode of the For A’ That podcast.

Making his second appearance was Pat Kane, and making his first was James Kelly, who writes the blog Scot Goes Pop.

The first topic of discussion was the errrm, debate, between Nicola Sturgeon and Anas Sarwar. We didn’t talk about it in glowing terms.

Gordon Brown making another appearance in the debate got a look in. Were his proposed constitutional changes just hot air or do they actually mean something? Also Brown himself, a confusing (surely confused?) figure at the best of times.

Should we be trying to rock the boat more and strike out with a bold vision of a new Scotland or should we be trying to allay the fears that some people have about Indy.

In a week of wildly differing polls, we asked if they matter, and if they do, why?

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For A’ That 16 – Putting Rights To Right

Pat KaneFor this unusually wednesdayed episode of For A’ That, Andrew and I were joined by writer Pat Kane of Thoughtland. I believe he once had a band too (here he is doing something with white paint, or rather having something done to him with white paint).

Up for discussion this week were the Luxembourg Foreign Minister’s little intervention (or not), how offensive is the offensive behaviour bill, wee Dougie’s speech this week and a more general look at the the media and how strange it seems that none of them seem willing to take the plunge and go Indy, even though this may reap some financial rewards.

In the middle of all that, Andrew changes the normal question around at one point  by asking what exactly Theresa May finds intolerable, instead of asking the normal question, which is “Exactly how intolerable is Theresa May?”

Finally, at one point Andrew conjures up a hideous image but he shouldn’t be so offended – a list of 100 best green bloggers once had me put directly beneath Peter Tatchell…which is not a place I’d ever imagined I’d find myself.

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Michael Greenwell