Truth, Lies, Oil and Scotland

I’m always a bit suspicious when I see something billed as “The ____________ They Didn’t Want You To See”.

That said, this documentary from 2008 would probably make uncomfortable viewing for one side of the Scottish Independence Referendum debate, and I doubt greatly that it will be repeated any time soon.

So you can decide for yourself which side of the campaign would find it uncomfortable.

Truth, Lies, Oil and Scotland

The Scottish Independence Podcast 57 – Land Reform

?????????????????????This is another one of those No comment, you’ll have to listen, episodes.

Hope you enjoy…

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Saturday Matinee 32 – Fire Over Water

Nice Canada, lovely Canada.

Well no, not exactly.

This documentary from Al-Jazeera shows a kind of resistance that is currently going on all around the world for different reasons in different places.

Specifically, this is about the opening up of some land for shale mining and the people resisting it.

It also shows how states will use force to protect finance, not people…


The More Things Change…

This article was in the Press & Journal a couple of years ago.

Notwithstanding the fact that we must all move away from the oil-based economy as quickly as possible for environmental reasons and that I am not an SNP member, given what I put in the previous post and any other number of examples, does anyone actually doubt that something similar is going on now?

Labour government feared ‘it’s scotland’s oil’ slogan

Secret plot to undermine SNP claims revealed

By David Perry

Published: 30/12/2010

Evidence has emerged in secret Cabinet papers of a Foreign Office-inspired plot to undermine SNP claims in the 1970s that “It’s Scotland’s Oil”.

A memorandum from Labour Foreign Secretary Anthony Crosland advised colleagues that the slogan was raising uncertainty in international financial circles, and could undermine the UK’s credit worthiness and ability to support the pound in foreign exchanges.

At the time, North Sea oil was regarded as the UK’s “collateral”, supporting huge foreign currency borrowing.

Mr Crosland also warned an overt attempt to challenge the claim by drawing up official maps showing a boundary between “English” and “Scottish” waters would be taken as a hint that the UK Government regarded Scottish independence as a possibility, further damaging the pound.

Instead he suggested “confidential briefings of selected public opinion informers” and articles in the press with no acknowledgement of official involvement.

Read the full article here.


“Based on our findings, there are no technological or economic barriers to converting the entire world to clean, renewable energy sources,” said Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering. “It is a question of whether we have the societal and political will.”

A recent study has found that it would be possible to power ourselves completely with renewable sources within about 20 years.

It’s possible, it’s obviously desirable, so can you see a sudden clamour from our (sic) leaders to implement a new strategy to get us there?

No, me neither.

Read the story here.


Another day another god knows how much spilling into the sea.

Here are a series of oil related posters and culture jams I have picked up over the years. If you were the one that made any of them then email me and I will put the link. There are more than just these three on the continuation page. I made the first one…



Paddypower and I believe at least one other bookmaker have been offering odds on which animal will be the first to go extinct as a result of the Gulf oil crisis.

Thusly demonstrated in the same story are the two meanings of the word “sick”.

However, I don’t really find any of this surprising anymore. We have been gambling ourselves into extinction for years.

Allow me to demonstrate the thought process using a gambling analogy,  which seems appropriate given the story above….

It is a bit like a penny falls machine. More and more gets piled into the system and all the while the pile (in this case  it is a pile of toxic sh*t and not money) gets bigger. However, the coins do not fall immediately. Each little nudge moves something into another space where it wouldn’t have settled without the disruption, and with next coin everything is disrupted a little more and so on.

Eventually, the pressure gets so cramped that some things just have to fall and you get a pay-off – except that this time when the pay-off comes, it won’t be good for anybody.


There are lots of good posts around around at the moment so I just want to point you to a few.

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And finally here is a documentary called The Real Room 101 which you may already have seen on the BBC. It’s OK without being wonderful but I am now just waiting for documentaries such as The Real Big Brother and The Real Ministry of Truth…who would the candidates be for those I wonder…

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