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For A’ That 41 – Shout!

Bhk8BJBIYAAXPzsFor the 41st episode of the For A’ That podcast Andrew and I were joined by broadcaster and blogger Derek Bateman, former Socialist MSP and member of Women For Indy, Carolyn Leckie and writer and blogger William Duguid.

First we talked about the Sturgeon/Lamont stramash. At the risk of going against one of the things we thought was bad about it, was the real knockout blow actually delivered to the political process itself? Is it too simple just to say it was awful and move on? Were they both equally guilty? Do we (or well, the media) need to start using alternative formats?

Secondly we talked about the recent activities of the Tory government who seem to have been going round businesses begging them to say something negative about independence. Should we just be a bit stronger and tell them where to go?

Another topic was the Women for Indy project and the report it is going to publish shortly. Carolyn let us know what the main problems and outcomes were, and how much work there still is to do in this crucial area.

We also got on to the crowdfunding stories in the last week. Amazing, certainly, but why has this phenomenon started to gather pace and can we be sure the money is going where it’s needed most?

There is all that and more in the new episode.

Hope you enjoy (and if you feel up to it you can pop us a donation too.)

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For A’ That 34 – Fussing & Fighting

Andrew and I were joined by two guests for the 34th episode of the For A’ That podcast.

Making his second appearance was Pat Kane, and making his first was James Kelly, who writes the blog Scot Goes Pop.

The first topic of discussion was the errrm, debate, between Nicola Sturgeon and Anas Sarwar. We didn’t talk about it in glowing terms.

Gordon Brown making another appearance in the debate got a look in. Were his proposed constitutional changes just hot air or do they actually mean something? Also Brown himself, a confusing (surely confused?) figure at the best of times.

Should we be trying to rock the boat more and strike out with a bold vision of a new Scotland or should we be trying to allay the fears that some people have about Indy.

In a week of wildly differing polls, we asked if they matter, and if they do, why?

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For A’ That – Episode 8 – Who’s Flagging Now?

As2VmJZCMAA-gk5For the 8th episode of For A’ That Andrew and myself were joined by Ian Smart who it is fair to say, is not of the same mind as Andrew and I regarding independence.

We started off about whether Salmond is losing his mojo and whether it matters or not, and also if Nicola Sturgeon’s standing is being aided or hindered by the controversial figure that is Salmond (as an aside, I for one have never figured out precisely why people find him a controversial figure but hey ho).

Andrew and Ian got into a very interesting legal discussion on cutbacks in legal aid and the problems this is causing/will cause.

Gay marriage and the various ructions (actual or perceived) surrounding the debate was another topic, as were the recent protests regarding flags in Belfast and Glasgow.

We even found time to give a (real) suggestion about where struggling graduates might find some work.

This is the second last episode before we take a break over Christmas (The Scottish Independence Podcast will continue but For A’ That is taking a wee break over the period).

Therefore, our next episode will be the last episode of the year and will be a kind of review of the year. Are there any stories you would like us to bring up? Let us know.

Anyway, as always for this episode…

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