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The Scottish Independence Podcast 130 – Inside The Common Space

FireShot Screen Capture #300 - 'Media Tweets by CommonSpace (@TheCommonSpace) I Twitter' - twitter_com_TheCommonSpace_media.pngFor the 130th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, I went along to the Glasgow office of the Common Space.

I tried to find out how the project got started, who works there, how they work and their plans for the future.

I spoke with Angela Haggerty, Ben Wray, Aidan McCrae, Stuart Rodger, Alice Muir, Maxine Blaine (who definitely isn’t Robin McAlpine) and Tiffany Kane.

CpKaZR7WIAAKIRoListening to these conversations, I think you’ll get a feel for who is working there and their motivations. Those motivations and ambitions are journalistic, political, economic, technological and others.

And what have ostriches got to do with anything?

Hope you enjoy.

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