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The Scottish Independence Podcast 99 – We Need To Talk About Jim

10922838_381078732053739_749351043585518699_nThe Scottish Independence Podcast is back. This is just a little episode to get going again and I’ll be recording an interview to get the normal shows back on track today and 3 more during next week.

For the moment though, we just need to talk about Jim…

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For A’ That 46 – From Bottom To Top

House Of Lords QuoteAfter a break the For A’ That podcast is back.

Andrew and I were joined for the first post-referendum episode by Gillian Martin and Doug Daniel.

Up for discussion were what is becoming known as “The Surge”, the prospects of the often mentioned Yes Alliance, new leaders and deputy leaders for the SNP and Scottish Labour, how much we all love Jim Murphy, the umpteenth promise of House of Lords reform and what (possibly) someone else buys when they go to the shops for Ed Miliband.

I also had a couple of choice words about Dick Cheney.

Hope you enjoy…

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You Need A Montage – 3

Some more of the greatest hits of Labour™ during the referendum campaign (part one here, and part two here).

First up is Gordon Brown showing some true socialist principles…

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Second up, Ed Miliband, in KNIGHTSWOOD, shows he’s really down with the people and knows where they’re at…


On the left is Labour MP Dame Anne Begg, she’s putting on a united front here, but what front? I ask because the guy on the right is a member of the NATIONAL Front (extreme right group). Just to prove it, there he is with his buddies in the photo below…



A last one for today (oh there’s plenty more to come), and it is just a quote to show you that with all this blundering and duplicity going on, there must have been some intellectual heavyweights in there somewhere…let’s see, what about Jackie Baillie…

“Scotland will move further away from the UK, not just politically, but geographically”.

The Right To Talk About Rights

Given the tories disgraceful position on Human Rights, Labour have been trying to position themselves as the party that supports them.

I present you this very important documentary to show you what Labour did to Human Rights in the UK the last time they were in power…

The Big Stobbie Debate

Here is one of the less watched debates in Indyrefworld so far, and that seems a shame.

I think you’d describe both the main contributors as well to the left of most of the major parties but I believe most people will find it interesting.

I found bits to agree and disagree with both of them to be honest but what I found more interesting was that the former (or not) Labour-Man-Gone-Yes (Tony Cox) seems much more grounded in the real world, whereas the Communist Party member Raymond Mennie seems to be living slightly in a world of the past.

However, make your own minds up. The contributions from the floor at the end are good too.