For Your Listening Pleasure – 2 – Beyond The Pitch

dG2fbHI’ve started to do a little something on other podcasts that I think are worthy of note.

This is because as well as making my own, I rather like the medium and think there are a lot of good things out there that don’t get enough exposure. Therefore, I’d like to add what little I can by way of listeners to some of these people.

The second in the series is Beyond the Pitch. It is a football podcast but the level of discussion is miles above what you’d normally find by turning on the TV or radio. They confront the corruption and social problems surrounding the game, it isn’t a “he was offside” type chat.

They also do quite informative episodes on the game in different places around the world. That said, one of the hosts is a Manchester Utd fan and there is the occasional Man Utd episode and I tend to skip those as I am not that interested in them.

Where it is at its best is in the episodes that confront corruption and dodgy dealings in the game. Two recent episodes in this regard were fantastic. The first one here spells out the very real problems that football has in being used as a vehicle for  human trafficking. As you can see, it’s a much meatier topic than “he was/wasn’t offside”.

The second one is about match-fixing and gets into incredible detail about who, how, where and when.

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