The Scottish Independence Podcast 183 – Tories Out!

For episode 183 of The Scottish Independence Podcast I’m taking you back to that wonderful world of a few months ago in which the only things we had to worry about were Tory lies causing unnecessary death and hardship, and a babbling manboy in the White House.

Oh wait, both of those things still apply.

Anyway, it’s a collection of whoppers, evasions and other nefarious activity from the Tories, just in case you ever forget what they are like.

Hope you enjoy.

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Well That Worked Out Fine Then

It’s sometimes a worthwhile exercise to restate the obvious.

In that spirit, it’s worth remembering that along with Gordon Brown’s vow, that Cameron said this… BzqVE7HIcAABjH8

Then we should have a look at what the people of Scotland stated when asked some questions about what powers they wanted…

BzLr0_-CMAAYzCOThen let’s take a look at what we got…

almost-nothingMore specifically…


They Can’t Be Bothered

In order to show you how little regard many politicians have for you I thought I would show you these little videos. None of these politicians can be bothered to even make up new patter. The journalists are expected to copy it up or broadcast it and we are supposed to lap it up.

The first is an Ed Miliband malfunction. He either can’t be bothered or doesn’t have the wit to respond to the questions without repeating himself or listening to the question. He is just so desperate to get his talking point across and not be open to attack for supporting the unions…

The second is Obama. In trying to show the respect he has for all his allies he neatly shows that he has absolutely no respect for any of them…

The third and final one shows that this doesn’t happen only at trivial meetings. John Howard the ex-PM of Australia and Stephen Harper the ex-PM of Canada try to read their given script in a heartfelt way but given that they are two countries on other sides of the world with very different situations and problems to solve, isn’t it a bit strange that they are reading exactly the same speech…


I recently watched a documentary that said ancient Chinese astrologers were often executed if they got it wrong.

Can you see where I am going with this already? Clever you. Or maybe you can predict the future?

Anyway, why not get a whole heap of them on to make their predictions and when they turn out to be nothing more than bullshit, which is an eventuality I am sure we can safely predict, punitive measures are applied.

Not only would this make for some good payback for all their nonsense but it would also lead to a subsequent reduction in the number of people claiming to have paranormal powers as most not many people would be willing to be ritually humiliated in this way.

It is a win-win situation.



Back in April
I suggested that we should do a little pre-emptive strike and come up with the title for Bush’s memoirs.

Now that it is out with the title Decision Points we can look back at some of the best ones that were posted here, on opednews and on Twitter.

Looking back is what Bush is doing and apparently his low point was when Kanye West called him a racist. That means his low point was not when all those people in New Orleans died unnecessarily on his watch or the possible million people that were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nope, those things don’t count. Someone calling him a name was much worse apparently.

Anyway, here we go and let’s not forget that the most honest title would be War Criminal …

Detonation Point – Tom K

How I Won a War Without Knowing Shi’ite from Shinola or Mein Humpf – Jay Farrington

I, George Bush, Symbol of America – Daniel Geery

A President’s Race to the Historical Bottom – Charles Klaer

The next few I forgot or lost who. Most of them were myself and friends….

Far From the Maddened Crowd

Diary of A. Hole, Mental Age 5 and a half

Bleats, Shoots and Leaves

War Criminal

Dick Cheney and The Half-Dumb Dunce

Minority Report –  The Curmudgeon

Vendetta: A Son’s tale