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The Scottish Independence Podcast 117 – 2015 In Review

For the 117th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I invited Pat Kane, Kathleen Caskie of Women For Indy and journalist James Maxwell to come on and have a chat about some of the major events of 2015.

Bj9r_nPIYAAUZrdWe managed to get through a fair few, including the difficult year experienced by the Labour party in Scotland and the UK, the House of Lords, the continuing rise of the SNP, the “delivery” of the vow, Corbyn, Sturgeon, Indyref 2 and much more.

We also included a look at some newcomers on the scene, specifically the RISE coalition, The Ferret, The National and Common Space. And as we unfortunately lost two major figures on the Scottish scene in 2015, William McIlvanney and Ian Bell, we also discussed what sort of a hole will be left by their absence.

To finish up on a lighter note we had a holiday season quiz, True or Foulkes.

Hope you enjoy…

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For A’ That 30 – Full Frontal

For episode 30 of the For A’ That podcast I was joined by former Scottish Socialist Party MSP and member of Women For Indy, Carolyn Leckie and New Statesman contributor and co-editor of Bella Caledonia, James Maxwell. Andrew wasn’t with us as he had some wetlands to vex.

BJ8FtJ-CcAAUOLf.jpg largeOur discussion started with the accusations this week that all is not as it seems with Labour For Indy. Is it a front group, is the hand of the SNP behind it? Carolyn and Jamie seemed to feel the whole story says more about our media than it does about the group itself.

We moved on to the Unions and their reticence to get involved officially so far.

Salmond’s interview on Russia Today provoked a little discussion, and not just about what he actually said.

We discussed the form of democracy Scotland should take after Indy. For example, should there be further referendums on issues like monarchy and currency? Should the parliament be unicameral or bicameral. If there is a second chamber, how could that be organised?

Finally, we spoke about James’ recent article in which he suggested that aside from damaging (or not) the Yes campaign, the campaign of Better Together is just generally damaging.

I also had a little announcement to make, about which you can learn more here.

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The Scottish Independence Podcast Episode 7 – James Maxwell

In episode 7 I speak with James Maxwell, with whom I also spoke with briefly in episode 4, who is a Scottish political journalist whose work occasionally appears in the New Statesman and on Bella Caledonia.

We spoke about his father Stephen Maxwell’s book, some of the strategic issues surrounding the referendum and much more.

Apologies for the occasional echo. The problems that led to that have been fixed (by moving to another room and changing the settings a bit!).

Hope you enjoy.

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The Scottish Independence Podcast Episode 4 – Maxwell & Lamont

Episode 4 is up and this is a short one of only 12 minutes.

I speak with James Maxwell who is a Scottish political journalist whose work occasionally appears in the New Statesman and on Bella Caledonia.

We spoke about the declaration of defeat (in more ways than one) that was Johann Lamont’s speech this week.

That was 8 minutes.

The other 4 is the first contribution to the podcast from BBC Scotlandshire, which is also well worth the listen.


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Scottish Independence Podcast Ep. 4 mp3

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