James Kelly

For A’ That 34 – Fussing & Fighting

Andrew and I were joined by two guests for the 34th episode of the For A’ That podcast.

Making his second appearance was Pat Kane, and making his first was James Kelly, who writes the blog Scot Goes Pop.

The first topic of discussion was the errrm, debate, between Nicola Sturgeon and Anas Sarwar. We didn’t talk about it in glowing terms.

Gordon Brown making another appearance in the debate got a look in. Were his proposed constitutional changes just hot air or do they actually mean something? Also Brown himself, a confusing (surely confused?) figure at the best of times.

Should we be trying to rock the boat more and strike out with a bold vision of a new Scotland or should we be trying to allay the fears that some people have about Indy.

In a week of wildly differing polls, we asked if they matter, and if they do, why?

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