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Saturday Matinee 20 – Judgement Day: Intelligent Design On Trial

This documentary starts with a rather simplistic tone but it improves as it goes on.

The trial and surrounding events are the interesting parts, and the documentary doesn’t disappoint there.

A few years back in the United States, certain groups were trying to push the “teach the controversy” line with regards to Evolution Vs Intelligent Design, despite the fact that there is no controversy, and Intelligent Design is wrong.

The attempt to shoehorn creationism into the schools via intelligent design failed, but not before the whole thing had gone to court.

It’s a very interesting documentary, and should show you what to expect the next time all this comes up again…


Well, I don’t know about you but that is me convinced…HALLELUJAH – I am a new man..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

thanks to nadia and aaron

Seriously though, regular readers will know I am not the religious type but I know many people who are that still believe that evolution is the simply the method that god used (is using).

Personally I don’t but I think little cartoons like this one, which is obviously designed to warp the mind of a child, are pernicious and odious.