The Polling Station 18 – Hunting & Animal Welfare

The Polling Station is a podcast of around 5 minutes with short informative little pieces on the election matters that are being missed, evaded, obfuscated or terminalogically inexactituded in the normal election coverage. It’ll be every day between now and the election, with Ivan McKee, myself and others. It also features William Duguid‘s Terminalogical Inexactitude of the day.

623-fox-hunting-900In this episode I speak with Dr Morag Kerr. Morag is a veterinary surgeon and also the author of Adequately Explained By Stupidity, a book about the Lockerbie disaster.

We talked about Cameron’s plan to hold a free vote on legalising hunting and more generally about the case against hunting, and for better animal welfare policies.

This is the 18th episode, you can find the others here from newest to oldest.

Hope you enjoy…