Sport & Politics DO Mix

Independence CelticContrary to the cliché, sport and politics DO actually mix. Whether you think that is a good thing or not is where the debate comes in.

Most people seem to like politics at football (or sport in general) as long as it is politics they agree with.

In order to see where you stand on the political issues you could compare your reactions to what Tommy Smith and John Carlos did at the Mexico Olympics or Emily Davidson becoming a martyr for the suffragette movement to some of the right-wing banners you see, for example, amongst the Serbian fans.

I was happy last night because there were two little political bits that I noticed that were both up my political street. At the Celtic V Barcelona match I was happy to see this banner in amongst the support…

But I’d have to say that yesterday the politics in football trophy goes to Greenpeace for their amazing protest which involved abseiling off the stadium roof and unfurling a huge banner at the Basel V Schalke match.

Here are a couple of videos of the event. I also notice that UEFA are blocking some of them…


Meltdown Men

I suppose the Boris Johnson interview from yesterday was quite interesting viewing, given that he was in all sorts of trouble, particularly towards the end of it.

However, it isn’t earth-shattering stuff. Boris Johnson may or may not want the PM’s job and has told lies in the past. None of that comes as a massive surprise.

In terms of importance it is as nothing compared to a major story about deception and duplicity in the Tory government.

The video that Greenpeace published a few months back is of much greater import and yet gets little by way of publicity.

Some Tories are seen trying to undermine green legislation, wanting to make amendments to the climate change act, reneging on manifesto promises and showing a rather large amount of disdain for Climate Change Minister Ed Davey, who is supposed to be part of the same government.

Despite the fact that the standard sort of villain music has been put behind what is going on, it is a video that definitely deserves more exposure than it is getting, and is definitely more important than the little tragedies of the one big tragedy that is currently Mayor of London…




All New Singinger & Dancinger

I have moved the vids I made over to vimeo and put some other things besides up there up too. There will be more going on there in the next few days too. I’m sure you will find something you will like.

For the moment, here is a pretty harsh one I made on the subject of whaling. Some gruesome stuff in there but it is a pretty gruesome subject.

The audio is Chris Morris and the images are from Greenpeace.