Can’t Argue

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Instead, this is what people are actually getting…

Greece’s financial crisis has made some families so desperate they are giving up the most precious thing of all – their children.

One morning a few weeks before Christmas a kindergarten teacher in Athens found a note about one of her four-year-old pupils.

“I will not be coming to pick up Anna today because I cannot afford to look after her,” it read. “Please take good care of her. Sorry. Her mother.”

In the last two months Father Antonios, a young Orthodox priest who runs a youth centre for the city’s poor, has found four children on his doorstep – including a baby just days old.

Another charity was approached by a couple whose twin babies were in hospital being treated for malnutrition, because the mother herself was malnourished and unable to breastfeed.

All of this probably seems very shocking because in these instances it is happening in Europe. However, these stories are totally commonplace in many of the Africans and South American countries that were forced to follow the policies set by the IMF and WB and other major financial institutions.


A member of the European parliament (Daniel Cohn-Bendit) has alleged that Greece will be forced to buy arms in order to get its bailout.

Bear in mind that one condition of the bailout is enormous cuts in services. IF this is also true it is a great indicator of the thought processes at work. Cut services, get debt, buy guns.



Before everything resolves into election chat today I just want to point out that there is a general strike in Greece.

Good luck Greek strikers, I hope you win.

“There are other things the [government] can do, before taking money from a pensioner who earns 500 euros (£430) a month,”

– Spyros Papaspyros

(Photo from older protest)

Cartoon by THE PLEB