This is the first part of an only tangentially related two-part post.

There is a famous song by French anarchist George De Brassens that will be part two, but in this first part I just want to post a little film I made to show that the term “Brother Gorilla” is not actually that far from the truth.

The audio is Douglas Adams and comes from probably his best book which is Last Chance to See. I haven’t actually seen any of the more recent TV series with Stephen Fry but I am sure I will get around to watching it soon enough.

Speaking of Stephen Fry, I recently watched a debate on youtube featuring him that you could watch and some of the things in that debate I wrote about a while ago in a slightly different way and got a little bit of abuse for.

Anyway, the film…


I was watching a lecture this morning and there was an interesting section about the behaviour of a group of Chimps.

One chimp had died and the adults would not allow the children to come near the corpse.

All except one, which was the brother of the monkey that had died.

Whilst not wishing to anthropomorphise, this behaviour clearly shows that the chimps were cognizant of the feelings of others in the group. I am not saying we know why they did this or can understand exactly what they were feeling but they did do it.

The above story was not an experiment but observed behaviour but experiments have shown in other ways that this ability to think for others is present in the great apes.

This should clearly lend weight to the idea of giving legal rights to these animals.

It is something that several countries have already done. Also, giving legal rights to non-humans is not a new thing as Thomas Rose pointed out by saying that in the majority of the world corporations are given the legal rights of persons.