Gary Dunion

For A’ That 42 – Margo And Beyond

nonsenseFor the 42nd episode of the For A’ That podcast Andrew and I were joined for the first time by Vonny Moyes who is the Arts Editor for The Skinny magazine and also wrote a marvellous article over at National Collective recently. Our returning guest this time was Gary Dunion, who, amongst a number of other things is the Communications Director for the Scottish Greens.

The first thing we discussed was the passing of Margo MacDonald, and how the parliament may well be a much poorer place without her. We were lucky to have a number of different perspectives on this. Gary in particular had been working with her recently and had an interesting story to tell.

From an interesting story to a frankly bizarre one. We’re used to better together prophecies of financial doom or some such other thing, but George Robertson took it on himself to make a prediction of actual apocalyptic doom should Scotland go independent, with the Forces of Darkness being unleashed (artists rendition above).

Gravely DisappointedThis forced us to bring our own big guns out and so we got to it. In fact we unleashed our dogs of war, with grave consequences for Andrew.

Vonny had some interesting comments on the importance of language in the whole debate, and we also put our heads together to try and predict where the next scare story could possibly go – have they run out or have they used them all up too fast?

There’s much more besides in the latest episode, and I haven’t even mentioned Douglas Adams in the introduction either.

Hope you enjoy (and if you feel up to helping us along with our running costs you can pop us a donation too.)

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