The Scottish Independence Podcast 53 – William Duguid

duguidIt’s the 53rd episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast and this time I spoke with William Duguid who on his own blog and for National Collective, has been writing some of the funnier stuff we’ve been seeing recently.

In fact, that was one of the points of discussion, as we ruminated over Rory Bremner’s assertion that there isn’t enough comedy in this debate.

William lived down (very) south for a long time so we also talked about the gap (well, chasm) between what is actually going on in Scotland and how it is perceived in that place where people are going to be calling us all from soon.

We also talked about William’s reasons for supporting Indy.

Finally, although we didn’t have wind of Cameron’s attempt to boost the Yes vote by 10 percent at the time we recorded, Love-bombing got a look in.

There’s even some verse involved.bombing-peace-like-fucking-virginity--large-msg-120355623326

Hope you enjoy…

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The Scottish Independence Podcast MadVent(ing) Calendar – Two

look-at-thatAll this week the Scottish Independence Podcast, alongside our regular programming, will be bringing you The MadVent(ing) Calendar.

This series will be short little podcasts and will feature some of the inspired and/or inspiring moments that have come along in the independence debate this year.

I won’t be telling you what each one is in the intro, just like an advent calendar, you’ll have to open it up to see what’s inside.

Hope you enjoy…

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Theresa May Comments

T-May-headlineNo, I’m not going to talk about the hideously predictable comments made by Theresa May (I did that here).

Rather, as someone kindly suggested it to me, I’ll post some of the rather funny comments left on the Guardian article about Theresa May’s comments.

Here goes…

g-comment-2And more…

g-comment-4A couple more…

 g-comment-1And finally, one shouldn’t forget to disparage the Farage…


The Same Old Journey

It is one of the strange facts about travelling that doing the same journey in two different ways can leave a markedly different imhadrians_wall_cawfieldspression.

I’m sure many of you, like me, have done the West Coast Line on the train from Glasgow Central to London Euston (and/or the other way around). If you leave aside the prices, it is really a rather beautiful journey through the border mountains, the lake district and some countryside in England.

However, I’m sure many of you, like me, have done the night bus from Glasgow to London (or viceversa) and found it to be a less than pleasant experience.

To modify slightly a Yes, Minister joke, where someone described moving from the House of Commons to the House of Lords, on said bus you have your choice of sitting with the animals or the vegetables.

The latest twist on the too wee/too weak line from the Better Together camp doesn’t seem to take into account the North/South exchange of criminals that already exists on the night bus.

I’ve done that night bus plenty of times and the north-south south-north traffic of people who don’t immediately strike you as perfectly law-abiding citizens is so regular it is almost a tradition now.

Suspected criminals could be able to escape justice more easily after independence by crossing the border into England, a report is expected to suggest today.

Home Secretary Theresa May will launch the latest Whitehall analysis of the potential consequences of Scottish independence in Edinburgh.


I can only imagine this analysis has been written by people who would never ever be anywhere near that night bus and are therefore unaware of what has been going on for years.

On a serious note however, there is a breakdown in logic here too. One of the other canards of the Better Together movement is that we don’t want border controls at Gretna (neither do I, but no one is suggesting we should have them).

It seems to me that you can’t simultaneously argue that it will be easier for criminals to escape from one country into another AND argue against border controls.Begbie Bus

Furthermore, I can’t imagine how Independence would change for the worse the law-enforcement system if a fair amount of goodwill applies between the two independent nations. And therein lies the problem, there is no goodwill toward Scottish Independence in Westminster, though there are a fair amount of criminals, and that is why we keep getting reports like the one we are about to be assailed with by the media in the next couple of days.

Then What?

“Project Felabposterar” is nothing new. A few elections back it was thought that this poster would be enough to scare people off voting for independence (or at that time it would be more accurate to say voting for the SNP).


As we can see, there was some fairly good answers to the little question they posed written onto the posters themselves.

Now that the stakes are a little higher, with the magic of photoshop (well GIMP – it’s freeware) I’ve cut the graffiti off to give you the chance to make your own.

I think there could be a lot of good answers. Short and pithy as fine. Or try a paragraph too.

Either download the photo and make your own or tell me what you want on it and I’ll make it up for you and post it.


UPDATE  – Some of the submissions so far are on the continuation page if you click Continue Reading…


For A’ That 11 – Under The Iron Fist

posterindependencechemistryIt’s been a busy week by any standards in Scottish politics and in this week’s For A’ That Andrew, Osama Saeed and myself tried to get through as much as possible.

Firstly, we had a discussion about how the Independence show is going down in the media abroad. We then moved on to talk about the section 30 debate this week, the pros and cons and having a constitutional debate now or later and what kind of constitution should we be aiming for.

We also found time to talk about the goings on at Glasgow City Council.

I hope you enjoy.

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For the special intro I did, the credit for the bits of Paxman goes to the man who made this video. (the rest was all me).